Wire Wrapped Serving Utensils Tutorial

Now that we’re headed full force into the holiday season, I’ve really been trying to come up with fun holiday-related tutorials. The wire wrapped utensils in this tutorial would make a great addition to a fall table or even a wonderful hostess gift! When we posted a preview on Instagram someone even suggested they’d make wonderful wedding cake toppers or cutters. This is totally customizable, so you’re only limited by your imagination! For this project I utilized:

  • needle nose pliers
  • 21 gauge wire
  • clearance beads from JoAnn
  • I also used a couple buttons from our shop (the top most button and the totally clear ones)
  • a set of serving utensils from Target

My total cost for this project was about $8 for BOTH of the utensils. I think that’s a great deal! Here’s the lovely final result.


Here’s what you’ll start with, or as I like to say: ASSEMBLE THE TROOPS!



I absolutely adore the copper serving utensils that I found at Target. It was only $5.99 for a set of 3, but I found the perfect beads for only 2 so that’s what I did here. The very first thing you’ll do is assemble your beads. I liked admiring them a while first. Plus it was fun to photograph them on our antique scale ;0)





OK OK OK. Time to get to business and do the teachin’. First I laid out all of the beads to determine my order of placement.


Next I unraveled about 3 feet of the wire and snipped it from its roll. Then I used the end of the needle nose pliers to roll the wire into a small circle. And I REALLY wasn’t perfect here. I think you can make yourself a little nutty trying to be perfectly perfect with this wire, so I settled for pretty much circular.



Next you’ll lay this circle down at the bottom of your serving utensil. Hold it down with your thumb and then wrap the wire around the utensil a couple of times. It’ll look like this and then you can attach your first bead.


Guys literally all you do is slide the bead onto the wire, slide it down, position it how you want and then wrap the wire around a few more times. If you have some flat or smaller beads you can even wrap the wire over and across those beads. For my larger ones that didn’t work, but just keep on going. If the beads aren’t perfectly straight that’s OK too. I kept tightening the wire as best I could and the beads were easier to adjust once I had them all placed and wrapped.






Once you’re all done all you need to do is use the pliers to make another set of circles with your wire. Lay that flat on your utensil and you’re done!






And a couple of final artsy pics πŸ™‚





Enjoy! I’d love to see the results if you guys try this tutorial! Let me know how it turns out for ya!

Over and out,




7 thoughts on “Wire Wrapped Serving Utensils Tutorial

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  2. Oh, my goodness! These are beautiful! What a great project! I’ve purchased ones similar to this over the years as gifts. Now I know how I could make them myself! Thank you for sharing at my Creative Ways Link Party! Have a super week.

    • Awww you’re so welcome Nici I hope the tutorial helps! I was thinking they’d be such cute hostess gifts or even housewarming possibly? I love fall so I’m having a blast finding things to make haha. Thank you for hostessing the link party! I showed up a smidge late but I’m glad you saw me anyhow! :0)

  3. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing at our Get Your DIY party! I featured these in today’s features post! October’s theme is Falling for Fall. I hope you’ll come back on the 5th and share something beautiful with us again! XO

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