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Etsy Shop Makeovers

Happy Tuesday! I get a lot of questions about Etsy and our success on there. I receive regular requests from customers for me to have a look at their shop and critique it. I know there’s a section on Etsy for this, but I’m always happy to help as well! If you check out that […]
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A Little Inspiration

OK y’all I said I’d post every day-well let’s be realistic-every business day. We got back some photographs from my fave agency Little Diamond Models. You can find them here for your own needs (and if you don’t know what they are shoot me and email and I’ll be happy to explain ( I sent […]
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New Product Update 1/26

Yay! Finally got in some super highly-requested colors of 5/8″ FOE. And this color, which is SO cool. I’m not really sure what to call it yet though: Suggestions? Its not a lavender exactly….but pretty close! Then I got in some amazing two tone mini roses. They do have a stem on the back but […]
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New Product Update 1/24

So you’ll probably see a LOT of these product update posts. I’m constantly adding things people have requested, or finding new things myself.  I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the shabby rosette trim, and not just the flowers themselves. Well I finally found it y’all! I wasn’t uber thrilled with my photos-I’ll probably retake […]
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So You Just Work at Home?

When I started this blog (all of two weeks ago), I intended for it to be not only DIY, product updates and random pics-but also general insight into being a small business person.  For that reason I thought it might be fun to talk about that age-old comment from my office-bound friends- “Well, you just […]
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New Product Update: January 20th

Well (kind of like my last post), I’m still surprised by how FAR I have to think ahead in this business. Here’s what I got at the store today: I made a rosettes color chart over the weekend and I do think they’re pretty darling!  I’ve got tons of ideas. (Now if only I could […]
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DIY Project of the Week-File Cabinet Redo

OK, let’s get real.  I’m probably not going to do an amazing DIY project every week-but I had to have a title y’all! At the very least it will encourage me to get those projects done (I hope).  We recently redid our basement. I mean we went from creepy 70s murals (prior owner) to an […]
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Prepping for the Holidays

Fourth of July DIY Stretch Headband

Happy New Year!

2011 was an exciting year, our first full year in business with plenty of ups and downs.  I’m pretty thrilled to be moving on to 2012. It signals a lot of important things to me: the ability to really work from home and support my family, the truth that my business is really a full […]
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