Wheat Free Southwest Breakfast Hash

I’m lovin’ this wheat free lifestyle-everything for me is better when I’m on it. More energy. More clarity. Less cravings. If you’re here on our blog solely for the crafty stuff feel free to bypass this post!

I’ve started venturing into breakfast foods mostly because they aren’t my favorite. So I struggle to find good foods to eat in the morning. I don’t love eggs though I will eat them in moderation. I’m also always trying to get more veggies in so this recipe is chock full. Here’s your ingredients list and a sneak peek of the final product.


*1/2 cup feta cheese

*1/2 pound bacon

*Dash of creole seasoning (we use Tony Cacheres-the best!)

*2 cups broccoli

*1/2 can yellow corn

*2 egg

*Dash of half n half

*salt and pepper to taste, EVOO

Optional great additions would be very finely chopped potatoes and chorizo or chicken sausage

southwest breakfast hash

This makes a whole pan-full so I take it for breakfast a couple of days a week.

1) Dice bacon, set to cooking in olive oil. Once its nearly done add the broccoli and peppers and cook until tender

2) Add corn and creole seasoning and give the mix a good stir

3) Mix the half n half, eggs, salt and pepper and mix until blended. Fold slowly into mix on the stove until the egg is as cooked as you like it

4) Remove from heat, stir in the feta, give it a few good folds and serve!


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