Simple Fall Wreath

Well here in the beautiful state of Colorado, Fall has arrived.  In fact we will be getting snow in the mountains on Thursday night and possibly even in Denver so we might just be skipping over Fall.  I really hope not because it’s the best season here!  All the colors are so wonderful and I can’t resist putting them all over my house this time of year – even yellows and I am not a yellow person!  So when we did the Monsters Wreath a little bit ago I was inspired to make my own Fall wreath for my front door!  I thought it was going to be way harder than it was and the best part was it’s a NO GLUE PROJECT!!!!!!

Here’s what it finally came out looking like:


Ahh!!!  So pretty!!!!!  Look at the sunflowers!!!  Look at them!!!

All total I think I spent $20 on the supplies. A few bundles of flowers, a grapevine wreath and ribbon is all you need!




DSC_0024 DSC_0025

There’s those gorgeous sunflowers again!!!  As I was arranging all of the flowers on the table to see what I had, one of the faux berries popped off a bundle.  I picked it up and squished it and realized: IT’S STYROFOAM!!!   Or as I call it Scary-Foam.


I can’t stand Scary-Foam.  Anna Mack of course had a giggle and snapped a photo of my horror.  Ok!  Serious faces!  We’re crafting here…. yeah right.  I started just weaving in the bundles of flowers into the wreath.  Some of my bundles had leaves and berries so I used those as sort of a “base” before weaving in the other flowers.





Now the Daisies and the Sunflowers came in a big bundle but they just didn’t look right all mushed up.  I figured the best thing to do was weave them in individually throughout the leaves and smaller flowers.


Slice them all off the bundle and viola!  Individual flowers!


I did the same with the Sunflowers and began to weave them all into the empty spaces around the wreath.



Now the plus side is that all the flower stems are wire!  All I had to do was wrap them around the wreath or the flower itself.



After all the flowers were woven in, I held it up to get Anna Mack’s approval.  She pointed out this little red leaf sticking up funny from the top and said “No, that’s gotta go.  It looks like my shitty hair flopping about up there.”

‘Shitty hairs’ are what she calls fly aways.  We all have them right ladies?  We all know what that means.  At least that little leaf could get chopped off.  We can’t chop off the shitty hairs without making them worse!


Bye Bye little red leaf!  Now on to making the bow!  I started by tying the ribbon around the wreath and making a basic bow like I was tying a shoe lace.





And then I concluded I am horrible at making bows.  I made a pouty face and asked my much more skilled work wifey to make it better.  She did!



The ribbon had that handy wire in it to shape the bow so nicely.  Using some of the copper wire from yesterday’s post, I made a hook on the back of the wreath.  I didn’t get a good photo of that though.  I made a simple loop and wrapped the ends around one of the thicker pieces of the grapevine.

We hung it up!





I loved how the flowers turned out!!!  OMG!!!!  So in love!  But the bow… that bow just looked too tiny and sad next to those big, beautiful flowers.  About that time my OCD kicked in and making the perfect bow became top priority.  I took three smaller pieces of the orange ribbon and made singular bows.  I tied each piece one on top of another but overlapping at angles to ultimately create a circle.  I used the gold ribbon to do the same between the orange.   I’m not the  best at describing it but you can see it below!  😀


Yup!  That looks so much better!!!   I used a scrap and wrapped it around the center to give it a nice finished look!


Yes indeed!!!!  I love it so much!!  Even my husband who wasn’t really sure about the whole idea likes it!  (He is still of the opinion that wreaths are only for Christmas, but I think I just changed his mind!  hehe).

I can’t wait to get it home and hang it on my door!  Happy Fall All!!!!  If you guys have awesome ways of decorating for the season we’d love to see them!  Until next time!  Happy Crafting!



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