Rolled Silk Rosette Tutorial

For a long time we made these darling rolled silk rosettes. I loved ’em, but after rolling many thousands I began to develop carpal tunnel. I just couldn’t keep up with the demand unfortunately so as a product we cut them from our lineup.  I did vow to do a pretty in depth tutorial so here it finally is! Here’s a final product for your viewing pleasure.


You can pretty much use any kind of silk, but a super thin blend is best. We always purchased the SilkEssence poly blend at JoAnn (which is purchasable on their website as well). I’ve used cotton also though those rosettes came out much larger. You can see some here-still pretty durn cute!


So here’s how you make the rosettes. All you need is a glue gun, high temp glue, a 4″ wide cut of silk (the width it already comes in is fine, 45″ usually), and scissors.


If you purchased a full yard you’ll want to cut your fabric down to 4″ in width (and 45″ in length, the length it comes in already).



Now grab the fabric from one end and fold it in half:


Then tie the very end in a knot like so:


The knot is essentially going to be the very middle of your rosette. So what you’ll do next is fold that knot into the inside of the fabric like the photo below.



Now that your knot is on the inside of your fabric you’re going to twist the fabric and fold it about a quarter of the way across the knot. Keep going a quarter of the way around at a time, holding the knot firmly in your left hand.



It’ll start to kind of look like a rosette! You just want to make sure to keep pulling tight and glue underneath the fabric once in a while.



When you get to the end you’ll just have a small nubbin of fabric left to fold under and “finish” the rosette. Get ready with your glue and glue as you go, folding the fabric over a quarter of the way per usual. Then instead of continuing AROUND the circumference of the rosette you’ll just fold the end under like so:



Flip it over and you’ve got yourself a rosette! Woohoo!



As always feel free to make anything you want but please don’t copy any of the photos from our post! We super appreciate it :0)


7 thoughts on “Rolled Silk Rosette Tutorial

  1. Excellent tutorial! I have bought these at your shop, but I actually have never made any like this. (Probably the only kind I’ve never made before—ha!) Thanks for the clear tutorial! Totally Pinning!

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  3. I make rolled rosettes all of the time with cotton which are very pretty but always wanted to make silk ones. I love the way the fabric lays as you turn and I can’t see any difference in the way I roll but yours lay differently than mine. Do you have this as a video tutorial so I can see how you are “turning” your fabric? Please make a girl happy!!!! 😊😊

  4. Thank you for sharing! I’ve purchased them from you, but now I can try my own. They sure are cute! Sorry to hear about the CTS!

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