You guys may have arrived here because our main business is selling boutique craft supplies. However, the blog for us has turned into a really fun way to document everything from our favorite recipes, to organizing tips, to camper travels. Although we do talk about business the blog is more of a way to talk about lifestyle and all the fun things we want to spend our spare time doing!



Fleuriste Craft Supply is your source for fabulous wholesale flowers, hair hardware, fold over elastic, patterned fold over elastic, glitter elastic, sparkle elastic, headbands, bridal crafts, rolled rosettes and more! We strive to bring you the highest quality products for your own crafts or maybe even your own online business.

Check out our Pinterest boards for fab ideas of how to use our products.

Fleuriste was started by Anna Mack and Jason, although we’re lucky to have a small team of ladies and gentlemen helping us on a daily basis!Painted in Waterlogue

Jason and I have a love for all things crafty. Fleuriste evolved out of a ready-made craft kiosk we owned called Mama Always Said. We bought so many supplies but couldn’t always use them all immediately. The supplies site was basically selling what we couldn’t use at the kiosk. But eventually the supplies kept us so busy we didn’t have time for both!

In addition Jason runs a darling Etsy shop called Shiver Me Splinters, featuring beautifully handmade tree swings.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll just have to order what I like. Think she will be excited with any new craft goodies. You have such a nice site!

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