Organize Your Art Supplies! {Yet Another Use for Mason Jars}

I can’t be the only gal out there forever trying to corral my art supplies. On top of selling craft supplies for a living, I collect and hoard them like a crazy person. Pretty much the only craft I DON’T do is scrap booking. And that’s just because if I start down that road I know where it’ll go. This weekend I decided to gather up all the supplies the work wifey and I use in the office on a daily basis. All of these items really REALLY needed one home to go to. I despise clutter and things laying around, and this simple solution {I think} will work well for us!

ARt-CAddyI imagine this same setup could be used for childrens’ art supplies or maybe even homework accessories. So many options! Yay! I had a bunch of supplies that I, ahem, borrowed from the kitchen. Namely a bunch of mason jars in both the regular size and the petite size. I also had a darling clear acrylic tray I got on clearance from Target a while back. First things first though, I gathered up all the supplies I hoped to put in one place. I swear it really always does look worse before it looks better.



First I set the mason jars in the clear acrylic tray to see if I liked the set up. And I did like it-I liked it a. lot. The straightness of the lines kinda appeals to my OCD nature. Knowing Salem I’m sure that will appeal to her as well! We’re always looking for markers, pencils, scissors, business cards. We have stuff all over our office y’all. As a little aside I totally kept all the tops-I have an idea for a fab tutorial using them later. If you use mason jars don’t throw those tops away! There are so many fun things you can do with them. Stay tuned for more on that.




I love the colors! I wasn’t sure yet what to put in front of the mason jars so I tested out a few variables.




The little pails in the front I also got at Target. Holla for the Dolla {Spot that is!}. I used some simple labels from Hobby Lobby to label each pail with the contents. I may ultimately go back and create other labels with my Silhouette, but I kinda like these ones.




Every type of marker has its own home, love it! We’ve also got a space for our lighters, used to singe the ends of hair ties and clips. Our weird type of scissors go in here too-these are all the ones that cut in a shape rather than a straight line….






I even managed a place for the business cards ;0)


Ultimately this fab container sits on our crafting table in the office, smack dab between the alligator clips and the felt circles. Its central there and super easily accessible.




Here are a couple final looks y’all.  How do you corral your craft supplies?!








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