Tutorial-Glitter Elastic Suspenders

I came upon the idea for this product when a customer asked if we could make her a set of suspenders. Once in a blue moon when I have ten free minutes I like to take on new projects-so I spent a little time figuring out some darling glitter elastic suspenders for her daughter. She opted for hot pink glitter but we made another pair so you guys could learn too!
You’ll need:

1) Two pair of mitten clips

2) One pair of vest buckles

(Both of these items can be found at Hobby Lobby/JoAnn/Michaels for a few bucks).

3)60″ of glitter elastic. I prefer the 5/8″ width as it fits the vest buckles better. You can find out 5/8″ glitter elastic here. We carry a couple different types that would all be great for suspenders.

4) Scissor, glue gun, little bit of glue

Here’s the sneak peak of the finished product:

We used the 5/8″ polka dot elastic for this one, I just love it!

I’m telling you guys, once you try these you won’t believe how simple they are! Dress up any outfit with a pair of glitter suspenders.

First, cut your elastic into two (2) 30″ pieces.

Next string the underside of one end of glitter elastic through one vest buckle. I glued mine to keep it from moving at all. This creates the adjustable portion of your suspenders.

See where the elastic is looped over and covers part of the “underside” of the elastic here? I put a dab of hot glue under there just to hold it really tight.  Next you want to loop the elastic through one mitten clip to create the other mechanism for your adjustable suspenders. I had to do this a few times to make sure the mitten clip was facing the right direction.

Now you’re ready for the last little piece of your suspenders. We’re going to take the loose end here and thread it up through the vest clip.

Now that this is done all you need to do is attach the mitten clip at the opposite end and you’ve finished one of your two suspenders.

Do this whole process one more time and you’ve got two darling suspenders! Now you can work on additions to your suspenders, such as a flower or brooch. So many cute possibilities 🙂

Happy crafting you guys!

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