Baby Barefoot Sandals Tutorial

Y’all I have been asked SO many times for this cute tutorial. Salem and I finally got around to it today. You can get the paper copy HERE and see it on Youtube HERE.  Along with a pretty awesome outtake HERE where I totally forgot what I was trying to say, so I just took a really deep breath instead.

Ah, adventures in youtube’ing.

So here’s what you’ll need to make some baby barefoot sandals

That’s it you guys! So let’s get started.

We recommend cutting two elastic strips at 9″ long each if you’re making the sandals for newborns up to about 6 months. For 6 months and older we recommend cutting two elastic strips at 11″ long each. That’s step one.

Next you’ll grab up one elastic piece and fold it over itself to form one circle, making sure the elastic isn’t twisted at all.



Next you’ll line up the very ends making a second circle that also is not twisted. They should only cross right there in the middle like the first photo.



Place a dab of glue under the ends and step back to exam your elastic. It should now look like this:


See how apart from the crossover there isn’t a twist anywhere? That’s imperative! Its also kinda nice if your picture can include an inquisitive dog who knows nothing about personal space. Or maybe he’s secretly the mastermind behind this whole gig — who knows!


DSC_0115 (2)

Where were we? I got distracted by that cute fluffy face.

So now that you’ve got the foot portion of your sandal just place a dab of hot glue between the elastics where they cross. Try to make sure both elastic circles are about the same size, that way they’ll fit best.  Once you’ve glued the circles together at the crossover grab your applique.



I held mine up a few times to have a look and then glued the applique in place. If you do want to “finish” the sandal off just glue your felt circle to the underside, covering the applique AND the elastic. We recommend doing this if you plan to sell these!


Here’s a final look:


And a few other options for products you could use on sandals. There are so many cute options!


Enjoy guys!


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