Moving the Blog-Please Come Follow Us!

You guys we’re so thrilled that more and more people read our blog every week. We’ve tried super hard to bring you fun tutorials, recipes, craft projects and household ideas weekly. When Salem and I began really writing the blog regularly we realized a few things.

  1. where our blog is hosted is great for small personal blogs. But we want our blog to become a big part of our business. We LOVE to teach and we really want to grow that aspect of Fleuriste, and the blog is the way to do it. We needed to move to a hosting platform that would allow us to incorporate new fun features (more on that later)
  2. Our current blog allows no advertising. Now you may not love the ads, but we can’t even place an ad on our blog for other similar blogs, or products we may feature. We think that sort of thing might be really useful in the future if there are certain brands’ products that we feature a lot
  3. There isn’t great tracking with our current blog, so we don’t get a lot of data on what you guys love the most-and that’s really important!
  4. The plugins for just aren’t as fancy and don’t offer our readers as much as We can offer many more cool features if we migrate

If you aren’t very familiar with blog setups, WordPress.ORG is pretty much the be all and end all. Its a smidge more technical than WordPress.COM but for more diversity in your blog its the way to go. Already within a week of moving I love the new blog so much better.


Our new web address is

We realized that most folks ended up on our blog by coming to it from our shop. But the reality is people were starting to discover it via Pinterest and Facebook as well, and our name and setup really did nothing to tell you about the blog when you arrived there. We put our thinking caps on and decided we needed to rename the blog something that actually made sense. A name that told you what we were going to read about. For now all the social media still says Fleuriste Craft Supply, but we’ll probably migrate some of that as well (namely Instagram and Pinterest since those are so very visual and all our tutorials go there).

The new blog can still be found by clicking “BLOG” from our shop’s homepage. In addition you can find the blog’s new homepage here. We’ve renamed it “Way of the Glue Gun”. Isn’t that clever?! I can only say that because I was NOT the one to come up with it, thank you Husbeast for the input! The new blog is sleeker and cleaner, and things are easier to find. There’s better search and an easier way to follow us and get all our tutorials right to your email.

Please consider signing up on the right hand side of the page to get all of our blog posts directly to ya every time we post one. We don’t spam ya, we don’t really even send out very regular emails, you’ll mostly just receive posts as they’re published.

THANK YOU for coming to read our blog and inspiring us to make it something bigger and better. We hope you enjoy the journey right along with us.



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