Mason Jar Pumpkin Tutorial

Happy Almost Friday Y’all!  You guys may remember when we did our washi tape ideas post that I showed a picture of a darling wreath made of mason jar lids. Salem and I decided in the spirit of fall we’d do something similar.  Hence the Mason Jar Pumpkin was born! Long ago I pinned something similar and I went back to that post today for inspiration. You can see the original that inspired me here.

Here’s my final product, there are so very many ways you can do this! I can imagine thousands of cool color combos :0) I strayed quite a bit from the original post but I still love the weathered look we achieved here.

Pumpkin-GraphicFor this project I used:

  • 21 smaller mason jar bands (that’s the technical term. The flat part you put on first is the “lid” and the round part you actually screw on top of that is the “band”)
  • 3 colors of spray paint (but you can do however many or few you wish)
  • 6 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 leaves I cut out of leftover burlap from this project
  • 1 small piece of string
  • 1 piece of cardboard or a painting backdrop for the spray painting portion
  • 1 small felt scrap
  • glue gun and hot glue

You guys this project is so simple! We have tons of mason jars so I had all the bands already, though I linked above to a place you can buy them on Amazon. All you need to do is determine your colors and get started painting the bands. I opted for three different oranges to give the bands dimension. I used the large piece of cardboard to lay out all the bands and get started.





Up close you can see that although I gave them two quick coats, I didn’t completely cover them. I was hoping to get a vintage shabby look so I wasn’t looking for perfect coverage. You can certainly do it any way you want! I think they turned out perfectly though :0)




Next I gathered up my string, cinnamon sticks and the two leaves I cut from burlap.



I cut the string about 2 feet long and started loading the bands onto it. Since I had three colors I just alternated between the three for a patterned look. This is what you’ll have at this point.


Next I set the whole thing down and tied the string in the middle in a pretty tight knot.



Once I was satisfied that there was enough room for a few cinnamon sticks in the middle I re-arranged the bands to be more circular and cover the knot. I did also trim the excess ribbon from the knot shown in the pic above. I didn’t photo that though because it wasn’t that cute bahaha!


Y’all are about 15 minutes into this project and just about done. I swear its so simple! I’m dying to make a ton more of these for my fall table. I made this particular pumpkin with the smaller jar bands but they do sell the wide-mouthed larger ones as well. You could do two sizes EHRMAGERD!

At this point my pumpkin had its shape with a pretty good hole in the middle. I literally stuck the cinnamon sticks in the middle and went to attach the leaves. Then I realized I wanted this pumpkin to be easily portable and not fall apart. I found a piece of scrap felt and just glued a circle over the hole in the bottom so the cinnamon sticks would have something to “stand on”. Does that make sense? That way I wouldn’t worry about the cinnamon sticks falling through the hole or the pumpkin falling apart.

Then I glued the burlap leaves to the center and BAM!



Here are a few final pics, could it be any cuter?!?!




Happy crafting y’all! If you try this I’d love to see how it turns out!


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