Git Your Blackberry Fix! Blackberry Pecan Brie Recipe

I swear it probably seems like I’m on a blackberry fix lately y’all. Or maybe that’s just popping up in my Pinterest feed more often so I make it more often? Either way I’m totally happy with it. I love everything blackberry-from the color to the taste to the actual berries themselves. I was tasked a few months ago with bringing a tasty appetizer to a bridal shower, and the following blackberry recipe was my go to.


Of course you could make this recipe with almost any kind of nut. I’ve tried walnuts as well and I actually did prefer those…..but I was out of them when I did this post haha!

Here are the ingredients you’ll need.

  • One wheel of brie
  • One can of crescent rolls
  • Tasty crackers
  • Blackberry Preserves or Jam (either is great)
  • Walnuts/Pecans/Almonds etc. Or none at all if you’re not a nutty kinda person!


First make yourself a little drinky drink. Then assemble the troops.


Y’all seriously this is the easiest recipe ever. I almost feel bad its so short, except I took a million photos. So at least you’ll have that goin’ for ya when you read this!

First you’ll scrape the skin off the brie. No need to be exact, you just want to get most of it off.


Next you’ll un-peel and bust open the biscuits so you can lay each triangle out in a sun shape.


Every time I cook with crescent rolls I think of this ecard:


And this one:


Oh y’all that’s totally me if I give in to my love of carbs! Bye bye muffin top! Hello can of biscuits!

Ahem, as I was saying you’ll roll out your crescent rolls into a sun shape. Once that’s done place the brie wheel in the middle. Leaving a space on the bottom is totally fine, no need to cover that part.



Once you’ve got the cheese placed you’ll liberally apply the preserves and the jam over the top of the cheese. Then seriously, all you do after that is fold the triangles up and over the cheese. Bake this pizazz for about 15 minutes on 350 and you’re all done! It could not possibly be easier, or tastier, or quicker. Well maybe a smidge quicker…..





Jason patting it down to make it all “smoosh” together ;0)



I just had to throw in a pic of it going into my mother in law’s oven-how awesome is it?!?! Royal blue inside!!! I’m dying over here πŸ™‚

While the brie cooks I like to gather up my crackers and have them ready to go. So I did that here.


And we waited a minute, and a minute more.


Then we brought the brie out!


Once you remove the brie from the oven you’ll want to let it sit for 3 or 4 minutes to cool. Otherwise when you cut into it it’ll be like a Hot Pocket lava flow. Nobody wants that. And everybody knows exactly what I’m talkin’ bout…..So let it cool just a minute before you dig in! Then just place it artfully on your serving dish and enjoy!








Enjoy y’all!!!


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