A Fall Harvest Table {Plus Three Quick Tutorials}

Happy Thursday y’all! If you follow our Instagram at all you’ve been seeing little hints of what we were going to unveil today.  We have a couple of simple crafts and fun tips and tricks for making your fall table beautiful and inviting.  As you guys know if you’ve read our last few posts, Jason and I are currently temporarily homed until our house is finished-so please excuse the lack of an actual dining room table to show you these lovelies on! We photographed everything at our office and, well, we made do ha. But even so I think you’ll get a good idea of what you can do to jazz up your own festivities!

Without further ado…..


I’m never totally ready for fall, but the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at my local Starbucks has definitely helped. Salem and I thought it would be great fun to give a few of our top tricks and tips for holiday table decorating.

1) Handmade and personal is always a plus. If you can add something a little handmade to your table its sure to stand out. For our table we made a couple of super fun little crafts. The first was a set of super SUPER SSSUUUPPEERRRR easy wine charms. Y’all there are two ingredients: 25mm earring hoops and buttons. Here’s the end result:

Wine-CharmsAnd here’s how we made them.


Grab up the 25mm earrings, these were only about two bucks at JoAnn PLUS 40% off so SHAZAM-very cheap. Next you’ll grab your chosen buttons and literally just thread them onto the earring.




And that’s it y’all! What do I love most about these? You can make new ones for every season! Any button with a shank will do, so just keep your extra buttons and look super fancy at all your parties! Or better yet let your guests pick their own buttons for a real good time ;0)

2) Lovely smells set the mood. I’m always up for a purdy candle. Even better is one I get to write on. One of my favorite ways to dress up a plain candle is to add a simple chalkboard label and a happy message. You can get swanky and make your own labels or purchase chalkboard labels at a local craft store or even on Amazon! Martha Stewart makes some darling labels that I love!



3) Foliage is always fab. Nearly any kind of foliage can go on a fall table. Anything goes including pretty leaves from the yard to actual flowers to plain ole fake stuff. That’s what I’ve got here and I think its just beautiful. Our local JoAnn Crafts has a huge array of flowers and plants and every other week pretty much, they’re half off. You just can’t beat that! Let’s be honest for a second here-next to nothing actually grows in Colorado. The likelihood of me getting flowers from my yard is not.good.



4) Personal touches help guests make fond memories! I love to do something a little extra every time I throw a holiday party. Doing something personal for each guest helps to ensure they have a good time. But aside from that its just part of being a good host or hostess! Typically I’d make some darling name cards but let’s be real y’all-I’m living in the basement right now and all my awesome craft stuff is packed away {sad face}.

For this particular post I found some adorable mini leaf tea trays {thank you Glenda!} and used them to place walnuts in. My thinking was if this was a real party they’d be super cute beside some tasty pumpkin pie. Anything personal that each guest can use is always fun!


5) Huzzah-Fancy Napkins! Y’all I might be the queen of fancy napkins-I do love them so! I collect them, and every time I see an awesome one or a funny one I snag it right up. I grabbed these lovelies at JoAnn {40% off too!} so they only cost me about two dollars. I’ve also seen a darling Pinterest pin where a gal had napkins that were almost like mad libs-they had fill in the blanks to make for a fun conversation starter-so cool!



Those are my top five tips for decorating a great table. I hope they’re helpful as we near the holiday season! Tis the season of hostessing so enjoy 🙂 I mentioned that we did a few handmade crafts for this table as well-the first were the wine charms. The second was our darling no-sew burlap table runner shown below!

I initially saw the tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, Inspired by Charm. I’d actually been eyeballing the polka dot burlap for some time but had trouble pondering how to sew it. When I read Michael’s tutorial I knew he was on to something! And of course I’m always trying to work in my shop’s products so I managed to add those in there as well. Here’s the final product and a super quick tutorial.



We followed Michael’s measurements for his table so we used:

  • 8.5 feet of burlap (so a smidge less than 3 yards although I purchased 3 for any mistakes that were bound to happen)
  • fusible webbing such as stitch witchery-I bought the small roll
  • three shabby rose rosettes trimmed from half yards
  • an iron and a spare dishrag
  • scissors

First I cut the burlap down to 8.5 feet exactly.



Next I cut it in half along the seam. I tried pulling the thread but I’m {apparently} a total space cadet and couldn’t get it to work. After lots of unladylike swearing and cursing I finally just cut down the middle of the seam. It wasn’t perfect but it still turned out great!


Next I folded over the short edges about an inch and a half and ironed them down, using the rag as a buffer so I didn’t iron directly on the burlap. Those polka dots will come right off of there, so do NOT iron right onto the fabric. Once I’d ironed down my edge I placed a strip of stitch witchery underneath the fold and re-ironed, holding each section for about ten seconds.




When I got to the end I followed Michael’s instructions and cut the burlap at an angle to ensure there wasn’t too much fabric.



Now I had a darling simple runner! But being me and loving pattern {and kind of wanting to see the look on Salem’s face}, I decided to attach a bunch of our shabby rose trim. I picked a few patterns and cut out the individual rosettes. I simply attached them to the runner at the ends with hot glue. And that’s that.





Here’s the runner in action y’all!


And a really bored dog. Grrrrrr


The final little project we did was to washi tape a plain cardboard pumpkin. If you saw our prior post about washi tapes you’ll know this was one of the first ideas listed!



And a bow on top, natch.



If you put all of this together you’ll get the final lovely vision, the perfect fall harvest table! Here’s a quick last look around.






Now sadly there aren’t any plates in this picture, and I’m real sorry about that. I promise once I get moved into my house I will do LOTS of table posts with actual plates. Until then we’re just wingin’ it a little bit over here. Lots of thanks to Salem for helping me with the placement of everything. And for commenting on my washi tape not being straight. And for checking to see if the polka dots were straight or not. ;0) Anna Mack over and out!

How do you decorate for fall? We’d love to see!


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