Wishi Washi-Fab Uses for Washi Tape

Ha-like that little play on words we did up there in the title? We’ve carried washi tapes in our actual retail store for some months now. But one day a few weeks ago even Salem said, “What the heck do I DO with it?!” And that’s how this post was born :0) Below you’ll find a ton of cute pins from Pinterest.  Clicking on any of the links will take you to other fab blogs with washi tape tutorials and ideas. Down below that we share a project Salem did, which was when she fell officially in love with washi tape. And matching. But I digress.

Let’s carry on! Jazz up your old mason jars into a fabulous fall or Halloween wreath.



Or take a few plain pumpkins from drab to fab with a little washi tape use.



Combine washi tape with some craft sticks to make banners, pendants and more!



This is probably my favorite use so far: labeling and naming all of your cords. I have a whole basket of cords I need to do this to!



Ehrmagerd decorate your switch plate covers!



And make your kids earn their allowance with some washi tape chores….



You can also easily decorate and redecorate votive holders to match the season!



Please check out the blogs we linked the photos from. So many of them are darling and have wonderfully fantastic other ideas!  In our shop we get so many questions about how best to use this wonderful tape, hope you enjoy the post!  Below you can see how Salem used washi tape to jazz up her family schedule.

 Okiday guys, Salem here, and here’s a quick blurb about what I did with the washi tape for my family calender.  So no joke I hadn’t a clue what to do with this tape.  It’s originally used for scrapbooking which let’s face it I can’t allow myself to get into because holy moly I would go so over board.  And until all of the above mentioned pins were brought to light I hadn’t a clue what else to do with it.  Not to mention my husband isn’t one for the flare of colors around the house so lord knows if I came home with crazy candle votives to put around the living room he might have heart failure.  So I turned to our giant family calender for a simple use of the washi tape and organizing.  See when you live with two boys you realize one simple fact: if it’s not written down it won’t be done and/or remembered!  The calender is more for my kiddo’s benefit than ours but I try to put down our appointments too even though we have a joint gmail calender that helps us keep things in order.  Now my son has chores to do every day, lacrosse practices, games, and of course he is at his mom’s place 50% of the time too so remembering when he’s home or not is always confusing.   So here’s how my calender evolved and I apologize in advance!  I put the calender together while watching The Walking Dead with my son so the lighting is terrible and I’m an idiot who didn’t get the fancy camera out and used the iphone.  So again, very sorry for horrible photography but seriously a flash might have brought on the zombies 😉

Here’s how my calenders used to look.  Very drab:

Photo Aug 31, 5 27 10 PM

The first thing I did was block out the days my son was going to be at our house and the days he was with his mom.Photo Aug 31, 5 35 27 PMPhoto Aug 31, 5 40 00 PM

Yellow for her and blue for us.  Now being very particular about lines I got out an Exacto knife and sliced nice straight lines through the tape!  Next up I wrote out everything like I used to thinking that I could put the tape over it or around it or by it or something to make it have a splash of color.  So I started that…

Photo Aug 31, 5 58 48 PM

… and hated it!  There was really no way I could make any of those ideas work.  BAH!  So I decided to really just go for it and add a TON of tape and color to the calender.

Photo Aug 31, 7 16 15 PMPhoto Aug 31, 6 17 47 PM

I tried writing on top of it in pen and a felt tipped marker but it just didn’t look legible or smeared off.  So I busted out the sharpie and wrote on the tape.  If there was an event that repeated I gave them all the same color.  Red Chevron for practices.  Green Chevron for daily chores.  And so on…

If there were events that only happened once I gave it its own tape! And here’s the final calender:

Photo Aug 31, 7 19 08 PM

The section on the bottom is “Paid Chores” for my kiddo so it can’t be missed and money can be made!  So much more fun and colorful than last month!  Plus I feel like things are really clear as to what they are which is helpful for accomplishing tasks!

I really like how it turned out!  I think it is really clear and so much more fun than boring old pencil!  Hopefully this helps you guys get an idea how to jazz up your family calender!  😀

Until next time, Happy Crafting!  – SaS


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