Monsters Inc Inspired Sully Wreath Tutorial!

I could NOT be more excited to show you guys our tutorial for today. I know its a holiday-so Happy Labor Day! And as our mailman Mike said on Friday, “GO LABOR!” ;0) What a goof.  Even though its a holiday Salem and I decided to show you a super fun craft we accomplished this week-I’m thrilled with the outcome!

After seeing a couple of darling pins on Pinterest here and here I knew I wanted to make a Monsters Inc wreath for Halloween. As I’ve mentioned in nearly every post in August, and every post last Fall-Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Like I go crazy. Normally I do a big Halloween party too but since we’re currently temporarily homed we’re skipping that this year. Salem and I decided to make a Sully wreath, but I picked up a few supplies to do Mike Wazowski later this week too :0) I think it would be so cute to hang them together!

Blog-Labeled-PicMost of the wreaths I saw on Pinterest were using round wreath forms, but our local JoAnn carries rectangular ones as well! I opted for that since Sully’s head is more of a giant rectangle. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Sully wreath, mine is pretty dang big so I used a lot of supplies. You could easily make this with a small wreath form and cut down on the amount of supplies needed!

  • 250 yards aqua tulle
  • 100 yards purple tulle
  • one wreath form
  • either two big googly eyes or two styrofoam balls
  • blue and black craft paint and paintbrush
  • hot glue and scissors
  • gold paint or gold duct tape
  • one large piece of white craft felt or foam
  • two toothpicks (in our case we didn’t have any so we used Q Tips ha!)
  • Optionally you can wrap the wreath form in aqua fabric first so none of the green shows through-your choice

That’s pretty much it you guys! Let’s get started by assembling the troops.



What I did very first was to go ahead and set my styrofoam balls into two small cups so I could paint a blue circle for Sully’s eyes. This ended up taking two coats in order for the styrofoam not to show through but it dries VERY quickly. So go ahead and paint the blue and then set your eyeballs aside.





At this point we set the eyeballs aside and began cutting tulle. We used a 12″ long mat we had to wrap the tulle around and just cut one end. This left us with long pieces of tool we could fold in half and pull through themselves to wrap our Sully form.


But then I wrapped one piece around the styrofoam and it made THAT.NOISE.IT.MAKES and Salem did this:


Because she hates it and won’t touch styrofoam or unpack boxes with styrofoam. Useless. ;0)

So we had to figure out how to make it NOT make the horrible styrofoam crunchy noise. The quick and easy solution was to wrap it with some strips of fabric we had that were the same color as the Sully aqua tulle. We did this part pretty quick and dirty since it was going to all be covered up anyhow.


And then we started with the tulle y’all! What I did was fold each long piece in half and then pull it through itself like so:


I made sure to place each pull-through randomly so the tulle wouldn’t all stick up in the same direction. Our Sully was starting to take shape!


As I made my way around we figured it really was easier to have Salem doing the other pieces of the project since she couldn’t touch the wreath form 🙂 So I set it down on top of our giant felt so she could measure for the teeth.


We folded the felt over and cut so we would end up with two pieces the same width to become the top and bottom teeth. We also made sure we left enough of a third piece (down below in my pic) to become the horns in a minute.


Salem took the folded piece we cut in this pic above and cut down the fold creating the two equal sized pieces. Then she took that over to the computer to draw on them and cut out the teeth. She used the third piece (what’s shown on the bottom in the pic above) and applied our gold duct tape along it in strips. Then she folded it and drew a horn shape to cut out for Sully’s horns.




And we discovered when we cut it it kinda looked like a mustache 🙂


At this point we had our horns, our teeth cut out and I was finished with the aqua tulle. Here’s what our project looked like at this juncture. Picture Agnes from Despicable Me yelling “ITS SO FLUFFFYYYYY!!!!!”




Salem moved back over to the eyeballs to give them a coat of black for the middle……and I moved on to purple and lavender tulle. I used both to give Sully a little depth but it was unnecessary-darker purple would have been totally fine! I attached the tulle randomly using the same method as the aqua. Here’s the current state.





Next we attached our horns with Salem holding them and then me gluing them (and her a little bit, sorry Work Wifey!)


But I’m convinced if you don’t glue yourself at least once during the course of a project then you didn’t do it right. Well that’s what I’m saying NOW anyhow 🙂 Once we had the horns in place we attached our Q Tips to the eyeballs with some glue. We just poked them right into the styrofoam so we could place the eyeballs wherever we wanted. Salem did cut all the tips off first so we were just working with the stick part. When we placed the horns we did make sure to leave enough space for the eyeballs. They pretty much have to go between the horns in our specific project. I left this up to Salem because she is WAY more nit picky about things being even than I am. Eyeballs are the perfect project for her ha! If I had done this part they would have been crazy eyes.



She’s so good at it! Now that our eyeballs were in place we just needed to attach our teeth and we were done!





We used high temp hot glue for this and the wreath is holding up very well so far. I did realize when I got it home to photograph it hanging that we didn’t make anything to hang it WITH. So I just stuck Sully on his side until I could change that. Both types of pics are below. But honestly if we put him on his side and Mike Wazowski on the other side at an angle-it’ll still be cute!



Bruce was exhausted by all the work.










And that’s it you guys! I’ll update this post later in the week when we do Mike Wazowski, but its pretty darn cute. In retrospect the only thing I might do differently was also back the whole mouth opening with light purple felt as well so you didn’t see the door through.  Actually now that I think about it I might have created some kind of nose as well……I might even do that when I update the post-stay tuned! I may actually do all of that later, stay tuned!


I thought about Sully for the last two days and decided that while I don’t want to take on a nose, I did want to try backing his mouth with purple felt. Here are some updated pics-I totally think they make the wreath! Now you don’t see the door color and you REALLY notice the teeth. GGGRRRRROOOOWWWWLLLLL!


And here he is relative to the door….


And here he is relative to the amount of poof we had goin’ on haha!


OK y’all this time I really AM over and out! :0)

Happy Labor Day!





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