Bridal Belt Tutorial

Well I promised a tutorial this week guys and here it is! I have to admit-these are not my best photographs, but I was in a time crunch today-sorry! I got the idea for this simple craft because I’m wearing a very similar belt in a wedding in just a few weeks. I wanted to test it out and see how it works. Here’s the final view for ya!



Obviously your belt would be placed NOT right above your belly button but whatever. I blame Salem’s photography skills, or my placement skills, or the lighting or something ;0)

Here’s what you’ll need:

That’s pretty much it! This whole project literally took me three minutes to do.


Here’s an up close view of that hook. They do come in a bunch of colors, but for this bride we wanted it to fade into the light colored dress.


First you’ll attach your elastic through the oval side of the hook, essentially leaving the “hook” itself totally free. I glued it together like so. I wouldn’t recommend sewing instead since you’ll stretch the belt out when you put it on. In my experience stitches tend to come apart eventually, whereas we rarely have that happen with our high temp hot glue.



Next I measured my waist around and cut the elastic exactly my waist measurement. Since you’re going to fold it over on the other end as well you’ll lose about an inch. But this is a good thing because you don’t want it to sag when you put it on. Once I had measured and cut my yard to the right length, I laid out the elastic to make sure it was totally flat. Then I created a loop with my glitter elastic and glued it shut. Now here’s the important thing-make sure there’s still a loop for the “hook” to go through!




That loop will basically be the back of your belt. If you wanted to get really fancy you could buy the hardware to make this adjustable as well! For my friend the bride, she wanted a very simple enclosure similar to this belt from BHLDN.

The next step is to trim the excess away from your bridal applique.


Now set it aside and place a stripe of glue on the front portion of your glitter (the portion that will face outward when you’re wearing the belt).



Lay the applique on your glue and then just go around the edges making sure nothing is “floppy”. I added a few extra dabs of glue once I got my applique properly placed.


And that’s it you guys! The five minute bridal belt tutorial haha! But considering they do sell online for hundreds of dollars, I think its worth it to try to craft it yourself. Here’s one final look again (pardoning the placement ;0)


Enjoy today’s simple craft! Come back next week for new recipes, fun posts and a little more organizing. Plus we’ll welcome my new friends from BOGOVinyl on Etsy as they blog post as well!  We’ll have them in to talk about all the fun things you can do with vinyl (especially now that the holidays are rolling around)

Over and Out!




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