Greeting Card Storage

If you guys read my last organizing post, you’ll know I’m obsessed with my Silhouette Cameo machine. Although its a little finicky at times, its a great product and I’m having a blast. Today I thought I’d share a simple organizing how-to.  I have tons of extra greeting cards. I keep them for so many occasions so I don’t have to run out to Target and grab one {or spend $50 on stuff I don’t need}. In the past I’ve just kept them in a file folder. The problem with that is having to dig through and find the right one-when you keep up to 40 or 50 on hand at all times its a little consuming!

Here’s my solution to that clutter and mess.

GCS-graphicNow normally I’d make the box itself as well, but as we’ve mentioned in a couple of posts we’re currently living with our in laws.  We’re building a house and it isn’t done yet, so most of my home crafty supplies are packed up in storage. That means for the meantime at least, the Container Store is my best friend :0) I’m super excited to move into our space and tackle bigger projects,  but for the time being that just isn’t possible!

Here’s what I used for this storage project:

  • Container Store greeting card storage container
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Two colors of adhesive vinyl
  • Scrapbook paper in a pattern I love
  • Scissors or a paper cutter

That’s it you guys! Here’s how it worked. I grabbed the container online with the click and pick up feature on Container Store’s website. There was a weekend coupon code so I saved 15% as well-hallelujah! I think all in all I paid about ten bucks for the container and I was OK with that.


The top just flips open to reveal plastic dividers inside.


The whole thing is a pretty good size too, about ten inches long! Its perfect for even larger cards or the money-envelope types as well. The plus side is its large enough to fit my 40 extra cards with space left over.


The container actually didn’t come with any sort of labels for the dividers. I thought it would be the perfect chance to use my Cameo to really personalize the container. I created a pink “Greeting Cards” label for the front and then separate green labels for the dividers. I simply measured the flat space on my divider and used the Silhouette software to make sure my words were not going to be too tall or long for that empty space. Here’s the result!





Fabulous! I cut a piece of scrapbook paper the size of the front of the box and inserted it there. A small piece of tape holds it in place so the whole vision is a little more uniform. I took the box upstairs where we actually had a little natural light to check it out. I was trying to decide if I really even needed the scrapbook paper or not. Here’s the view without the paper.


This just reminded me of our DVD post however. I don’t love seeing through to the items back there! I want the focus to be on the cute label, so the scrapbook paper went right back in! Here are a couple of final views. Such a simple way to contain the clutter and know exactly where to go for an item. The honest reality is I use the cards WAY more now that they’re in an easily accessible place on my desk.





This container now lives in my temporary desk downstairs. Super easy to get to and easy to use! I still have one blank divider as well for any other holidays I come up with to label ;0)



And that’s a little bit of greeting card storage for you guys! Hope you enjoyed the post and get a few useful tips out of it. What do you do for storage? I’d love to see how you guys manage the greeting card chaos!

Over and out,



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