Name Art for the Kiddos

Hey all, Salem here!  Like so many of you I now have a horrible new addiction: Pinterest.  It’s actually gotten so bad that my husband implemented the House Rule of NO PINTEREST AT HOME!  Say whaaaat????  I admit sometimes I slip away to “fold laundry” or “clean the kitchen” and sneak in some Pinning.  It’s horrible I tell you….

However, I stumbled upon this adorable idea for a DIY Name Art.  I thought this was just such a cute idea and would be adorable to make for a nursery.  Well just one problem: my baby is now almost 14!!  So I showed him the idea and he LOVED it!  So while you might make it for your kiddo, I had my kiddo do it himself!

Here’s what you need!


I found the large letter and the smaller letters at Michaels.  I set him up with a paint brush set, acrylic paint and let him have at it!  Of course we were missing on crucial thing at this point:


MUST HAVE NETFLIX!!!!  haha.  A bit of entertainment while he painted.  Lucky dude!

I had him lay out the name on the large letter to give him an idea on spacing.


Next up I had him paint all the letters individually.  I figured it was less hassle to glue them down after they were painted.


So serious about painting!


He decided he wanted a charcoal background.  The conversation went something like this:

Blake: I think I am going to do Dark Grey!

Me: Yeah, I think Charcoal would be great!  It will match your room nicely.

Blake: No, not Charcoal.  Dark Grey!!

Me:  ….

Haha.  Sometimes I forget that he’s a teenage boy who doesn’t work in the realm of crafts and colors on a daily basis.  Things are much simpler when your 14!

But then he surprises me and asks me to show him how to sponge on texture.  He wanted to add some orange to the Dark Grey.  😉DSC_1737

OK!  Now some creative juices are flowing!!  I love this kid!  He has such a creative mind!


And holy cow this B is looking AWE-SAUCE!!!  (Proud crafty mom moment!)

While he let the large B dry he moved on to the smaller letters.  He decided to do copper for the small letters.


Now that everything was painted and dried it was time to glue everything together.  I fired up the hot glue and let him place them all on there.  (Yet another benefit of having an older crafter, they can hot glue!)


Carefully placed….


And BAM!  Finished project!  It probably only took about an hour all said and done.


Then we hung it on his door!


No mistaking his room now!  😀  I just love it!!  It looks amazing!

Until next time!  Happy Crafting!



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