An Organized Business Notebook

Happy Thursday guys and dolls! Today’s my birthday, the big 3-2. I decided in honor of that I’d share a fun organizing post-they’re always my favorite anyhow. I get questions on the regular about how we stay organized over here in this business. We sell so very VERY many very small items. How do we keep the business going? I’ll tell you how my friends-one notebook. The one notebook to rule them all….OK I’m geeking out a little there with some Lord of the Rings references but SRSLY. Read along for some tips and ideas on how to get YOUR business organized!



I’ll admit I have a huge filing system. That system is where all my important papers go when I don’t need to look at them every day anymore.  My business notebook has become the perfect place for a quick glance to what’s currently going on at Fleuriste. At any point in time I can look through the four sections and quickly access anything I need.


I keep it close by my favorite colorful Papermate pens. I once had a boss who chided me for writing with a purple pen at a corporate job. I totally understood him but inside I craftily seethed a little bit. Ha so now I write in every color of the rainbow pretty much-just because I CAN!! ;0) I love to inject that color into everything I do. My girlfriends will tell ya, I even always pick the most colorful outfits. Corporate was definitely not for me.

My business notebook is separated into four very simple sections: ” To Pay “, ” Order “, ” Calls “, ” Blog”.


Each section has its own folder at the front where I can stash bills, sticky notes or loose papers that I want to keep track of. I learned quickly that this little envelope is super handy for me. We just purchased them at Office Depot, very simple. We get so much mail on a daily basis its nice to have all those little bits in one easy place. Then I’m not hunting around my file folders, desktop or even purse to find them.


My TO PAY section includes any bills I have to pay or email someone about. We don’t get a ton of paper bills but this is where I keep them.  Since most of our bills are auto-pay I don’t keep a bill tracker, I just stash them in this purple folder and pay them as soon as I can. The next ORDER section is where I input notes of what I need to order. I place each page in the order I want to order it in. That way I spread out my ordering over the month so our cash flow isn’t impacted heavily in the beginning or end of the month.  I also put little notes in here when the girls leave them for me. Sometimes I’ll come in to find a little sticky on my desk that says “So and So needs 50 yards of White with Gold Quatrefoil!”. This goes in my ORDER section and away we go!



This section is also where I keep all my color charts-glitter, FOE, shabby, felt circles etc! Its a quick handy way to look up our suppliers name or number for something. I’ve found that having that important data right at my fingertips allows me to reorder quickly and efficiently. The other benefit is that we end up with less mistakes when we do receive our orders. When you order so very many things its not uncommon to occasionally receive the wrong thing. Using the supplier’s name and number helps us to keep our accuracy as close to 100% as possible.


The other thing we do is mark the tracking numbers for each package on our invoice (which is in the ORDER section) so that we know when items are coming! This is great because I leave the notebook at work all the time, so the girls can check the status of our orders if I’m not there to do it.


Also, because I love bright colors and gold, I used some scrap booking paper to make covers for the dividers in beautiful patterns. Having the notebook both organized AND beautiful makes me so much more likely to use it! I’ve discovered over the years that I have to have that kind of color and beauty around me to stay motivated. That’s why our office is so colorful and bright! Keeping everything that way makes me happy when I see it and keeps me motivated too haha!

Our CALLS section just includes a single sheet of notebook paper for important calls I need to make.  If there’s a bill I need to make an actual call about it goes in this section. I typically schedule at least two days a week to come in before opening and do my phone calls. That way I knock them all out at once and get them over with. I HATE to be on the phone but once I get on a roll I’m good to go, so if I can schedule them all at once I’m a happy camper :0)

Now on to my favorite section: BLOG!


We’ve recently started really trying to be more active on our blog.  Our BLOG has a bunch of different sections and I’m always jotting down notes when I’m out and about. I started a blog section with both a weekly planner and a brainstorming page for each post. This has really helped us figure out how to spread out the different types of posts we do. At this point we’re posting not only about business, but also recipes, tutorials, organizing and our vintage camper.  Having the blog section of the notebook organized helps me make sure I’m not posting too much of one “section” in a row.

I downloaded this printable weekly planner here:


I use this planner to do all my posts, tags, links etc. Its so wonderful!


This next page I found here and its a printable as well. I love how it makes my notebook colorful, and its a great way to get excited about blog posts as well. In addition it helps me figure out what I want to say in the post, and how to best market that post on social media.


My business notebook sits on my desk all the time along with my daily “to do” notebook! And my pens. Always the pens haha………..


I got the darling bucket in the Target Dollar Spot y’all. Holla for a dolla!


……and that’s how we keep things going around here y’all! I carry my business notebook home with me at night so I can quickly get to my info if I need it.  How do you keep your business organized? We’d love to see!



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