Elastic Winners & Some FedEx News……

Happy Wednesday y’all. I have two super exciting bits of news to share today. The first are the WINNERS of our elastic poll here. You guys voted and we heard ya! These are all going into production immediately, and will be ready within a few weeks.

The second exciting bit of news is really geared towards our International customers. As you guys know international shipping is expensive and {sometimes} unreliable. The post office literally this week sent one of my Canadian packages to Brazil. I mean what the what?! Its so frustrating. Their answer? “It’ll probably come back this way eventually!”. So we chatted with our amazing FedEx rep Stephen and we got the hookup on some rates y’all.  More below…..


FIRST THINGS FIRST.  The official winners of our elastic collections were…. Drum Roll Please!!!!!

For the Barnyard Collection the competition was FIERCE!!  We ended up with one clear winner and a three way tie for second.  We decided that the best and cutest thing to do was make them Reversible!!!barnyard 1and2

barnyard 7and81&2 will go together and 7&8 will go together.  SO CUTE!!!!!  Great picks!!!!

Now for the Campfire Collection:

campfire 1campfire 4And last but certainly not least the Woodland Creature Collection!  There was a tie for second so we are going to make 3 of them!!

Woodland WinnersWhat does the fox say?!?!  hehe!  If you have any name suggestions let us know!!!!


As you international folks may know, the rates in the past have been anywhere from $55 to $100 or more for FedEx shipping. Of course the nice thing is its trackable all the way to you and it arrives super quickly. However for smaller orders I completely understand why most folks don’t want to shell out that kind of cash.



So here’s where the good news comes in. Our FedEx rep approached us recently about starting a great new international program because of our high domestic shipping. We now qualify for almost half off of FedEx international rates! Up to 2 pounds of product can go almost anywhere in the world for $25-$30 and up to 5 pounds will travel for about $30-$40! You guys this is such a good deal! I understand that you’re still looking at a fairly hefty charge. But for the safety, security and time you’ll save I think FedEx is the way to go.  The rates are live on our site and as always we’ll refund if it costs less.


Many of you have probably glossed over FedEx as an option recently. I sure do understand! But in the future take a moment to consider it. We had ten packages just last week that paid $20 to $25 for Priority Mail International. Why not spring another five bucks for FedEx. Here are the advantages of FedEx:

  • Trackable all the way to your destination, not just in the US like our postal service packages
  • Automatic insurance on all FedEx packages. God forbid they go missing we can all get our money back
  • Most packages are anywhere from overnight to 4 days shipping time. If you need a bunch of supplies right before a holiday we can still get them to you quickly!
  • This new discounting is more effective than postal service considering your time saved. For an extra few bucks you can ship a ton of rolls anywhere in the world! {or any other products for that matter}



We’re so excited to launch this new FedEx program.  Next time you place an international order have a look at the FedEx pricing. We shipped a pretty good sized package to Japan yesterday for $30. She’ll have that package by Friday. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!?!

Okay y’all, over and out 🙂




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