Who Doesn’t Love a Pirate……


When we were home visiting North Carolina last week we stopped into the little town of Beaufort. Its maybe my favorite place in the whole dang state, and there are a lot of amazing places. The weekend we were home was the annual Beaufort Pirate Invasion. Its a super fun event where the whole town is overtaken by pirates and they’ll shoot water cannons at people walking down the street from their ships, get in “brawls” walking down the road. Y’all there are wenches and everything.

I thought to myself-why not document this for the blog. There’s nothing like a few amazing Captain Jack lookalikes to get y’all geared up for Halloween!

Without further ado….


We walked through the Historic Beaufort Cemetery first, you know just to really get in the piratey mood. But seriously, its a beautiful place haha.


And then we found the pirates!



And a few hippie pirates with dreads ha. Are those fox tails in the background?? {What does the fox say?!}


And there were wenches-a LOT of wenches.


Then we found Captain Jack!(s)




OK y’all tell me he isn’t PRETTY close to the real thing?!?!



This is probably my favorite artsy pic of the day that I took. I love how you can see all of the rings and dirt, just like a real pirate! ;0)


More wenches. And a guy making a rope from scratch! This one really fascinated the kids, until the guy with the water cannon showed up. That was endlessly more fascinating.



And bosoms. LOTS of bosoms on display. I really felt like the ladies there took the wench spirit to, er, heart.


I feel like I’m watching Dark Sails just writing this post!


The hats were amazing. When I saw this gal’s I totally imagined making a pink one with a collection of our buttons.


And a few pirates hit the grog pretty early…..



They even had a craft show y’all ha! I knew it was my kind of place. If you’re ever in Beaufort during the pirate invasion please check it out! We missed the water cannon ship, it was scheduled later in the day. But I hear its something truly amazing to see 🙂

Happy (almost) Halloween! Oh, and Back to School! 🙂



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