A Little Travel……and some Teasers!

Happy Thursday y’all! The Husbeast and I are back east in North Carolina visiting family. The gals are holding it all down at the office so please do call there if you need us for anything!  I thought it might be fun to do a quick post with some of the fun pics I’ve taken here. Its actually rained cats and dogs nearly every day so NC is bright and lush. Makes me miss home to think about leaving!

We are getting some pretty crazy weather! If you can believe it I took these all with my IPhone!

photo copy

Painted in Waterlogue


I love how the boating folks always  dock and organize their ropes like this. Appeals to my organizing nature ;0)

photo(3) copy

Don’t mind my unpainted toenails.



The moss down here totally amazes me! We couldn’t grow moss in Colorado to SAVE.OUR.LIVES. It’s so funny-I always joke with Jason that as soon as we step off the plane the moisture soaks into my face and makes me look ten years younger {wishful thinking at its finest}.

photo(1) copy

North Carolina has so much industry down at the coast that we were surrounded by huge boats all the time-so fun to see!


photo(4) copy


I thought that was a pretty fun pic of my mom lounging on the end of the dock. The coast down here is so starkly beautiful!Painted in WaterlogueAnd have I mentioned the food?!?! I love to come home and get my fill of fresh local seafood.

But I also did some work on vacation, and the gals unpacked lots of fun stuff we’ll get listed next week. Here’s a little tease for ya. This will all be uploaded on Monday morning!




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