An Organized Jewelry Drawer

An Organized Jewelry Drawer {AKA THANK YOU Container Store!}. But SRSLY y’all I just discovered the Container Store after reading a post on my favorite blog. I’d heard of it before but heard it was pricey and just never let myself go in. The reality is SOME stuff is a great deal for the quality, and some is pricey but it really just IS.BETTER than Target etc. So I decided it was time to use my newfound love to get my jewelry drawer in check. Long ago I saw this photo going around of a jewelry drawer in Martha Stewart’s magazine. And I was inspired.

martha stewart

But here’s the reality of my sitchiation. I wasn’t great at collecting random awesome vintage cups and plates and I also have a TON of jewelry. So this is what my drawer actually looked like {and this is not even including the necklaces and hanging earrings in my closet!}


I mean garsh it had potential. But crap.


So I took my lil ole checkbook and I went down to the Container Store and I found a new happy place and I was just so so so so so so excited and I came home with a huge box of stuff and got in trouble with my husband. I could go on forever. This is what I picked up that I could really envision in my new jewelry drawer.


I have tons of jewelry. I mean TONS y’all. Ten little vintage plates ain’t cuttin’ it in my world. So I opted for some fancy boxes to hold the nicer items like my wedding jewelry. The wave trays were for my larger bracelets. The small divided containers were for the earrings and pieces that like to get stuck together. Oddly I couldn’t find any of these on the website but for sure they’re available in store. The boxes came from the gift wrap section. The divided containers were in home organizing and the wave containers were in the jewelry/closet section. Go. Look! Buy!

I decided first that just because the dresser itself isn’t redone yet doesn’t mean my drawer can’t be purdy. I used a beautiful bright ikat patterned paper to line the drawer.


And once I was done with that I separated out the jewelry I never wear from the jewelry I use regularly. This allowed me to make a DONATE pile and have a little less to organize. I used the clear wave baskets to hold the larger metallic bracelets. These are items I use every single day so its nice to have them easily on hand!


Next I added back some of my smaller organizers to hold necklaces that tangle easily. Each one has its own little pod, safe and sound ha! One actually holds extra earring backs as well. I swear I never could keep track of those things. Now I can.


After that I added all of my earrings into the divided containers. Here’s an up close view of that. SO much easier to find this way!


I also used the super cute pink and blue boxes to store my nicer jewelry. Once I get around to purchasing a Silhouette Cameo I’ll make sure to label them properly as well.



But since I don’t need these every day they were placed in the back of the drawer.


Here are a couple final views of the whole drawer for ya!





Of course when we move we’ll have to redo this all over again, but this simple system is working out great so far! I’d love to see what you guys do to your own jewelry drawers!


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