Christmas in July is Almost Over!!

Happy Thursday y’all! This week has just flown by for me. Tomorrow is the LAST day of our big Christmas in July sale so take advantage while ya can! We got in a huge shipment of FOE earlier this week restocking:

  • Dark Navy
  • Forest
  • Cranberry
  • Mustard
  • Black
  • Lavender
  • Lemon (Not ZEST, just the regular Lemon we used to have!)
  • Light Fuchsia
  • Old Watermelon (more on this later)

We also got in a bunch of new tie dyes as well as a few new FOE colors for fall, based on popular request 🙂 In addition we added four new skinnies we’re gonna try. Here’s the first below: BABY MAIZE.








And a beautiful new NEON PINK that I just love!


These new skinnies are on the same page as all the rest, still color organized so you can find everything super easily.

Here are the new FOEs that arrived. This first is SPRUCE, just a tad lighter than our Forest Green.


Here’s our old Watermelon which will now be Watermelon again. The Watermelon we’ve had for the last 3 or so months we’re going to change and call Coral since its darker. In the future we’ll always carry both and the site titles will reflect the change so you know which you’re getting!

This new lovely below is POMEGRANATE, a touch lighter than Cranberry and a touch darker than Cherry Red.


We also sent our Bright Coral shabby trim to our supplier to get a match, and this is it! Bright Coral FOE now available by the yard and by the roll. Its shockingly bright and shockingly pink and I love it bunches!


Alrighty gals on to the Tie Dye! We got a beautiful pink and gray below that is just totez adorbs!


We also restocked our Sherbert, although it turns out what we got before was just super light, it was all supposed to be bright, like this:


Grape Purple anyone?


Neon Pink & Purple is also back!


That’s it for now you guys. Please take advantage of the Christmas in July sale for one ore day. We’ll announce its closure on Facebook and Instagram as well. Thank you as always for supporting us this year!


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