TV Armoire Redo-Also Known As Organizing Day

Y’all-Salem likes to make fun of me for having the occasional “OCD” day where I go nuts and organize the whole office. So when someone left me early Friday (ahem Salem I’m lookin’ at you!) and I had to come in Saturday to do a few things, I knew I’d organize. In fact we had the perfect little project. Our office has a lovely TV armoire which holds our office TV, some sewing supplies and a bunch of other useful stuff. Well it DID. Now its home to every odd and end that doesn’t have a home in our space. It was time to make it functional again. Here’s the exterior, it does need a coat of paint in and out but that’s another day!


It was actually a birthday present from Jason our first year dating-boy does he know me well.


At the time we updated the knobs with some beautiful mercury glass, one of my favorite things everrrrrrrrr.

But now are you ready for the crappy part? Here’s what faces you when you open the doors.


And this.


And I’m not even going to show you behind the television because it was a nightmare. But I did what any good cleaning day calls for, I made it all worse first. Every little thing came out of that cabinet y’all!


There was so much more than I thought!!!


I decided the drawers needed a little update so we’d actually remember to use them. I had some fun cheetah print oilcloth left over from our camper cushions project, so I cut a liner to fit inside each drawer and re-installed! That was the simple part.


I love it already! But now I needed to figure out what to keep and what to trash, what to reorganize and where. I’m hoping for a Silhouette Cameo for my birthday (hey honey are you reading this?!) which will allow me to create amazing labels. In the meantime though I just used open baskets so I could quickly see what was available to me.

Salem and I both use this cabinet for various reasons so I wanted to make sure everything was quickly findable, we’re in there alot! Plus she’s my work wife and I need to make sure she stays happy. She wasn’t there when I did this post and I’m sure I’ll hear about the cheetah print later, but at least its pleasing to the eye to see it all organized :):):)

I threw away a few trash bags full of items I realized neither of us use….then I got to business. I store all my fabric for making rosettes here, but I don’t need it every day. Small scraps got put in an easily reachable basket and larger bolts were moved to the back.



Next to that I created a quick and easy holder for the washi tapes I use regularly. If you have NO idea what to do with them check out my favorite organizing blog’s post here. She’s a genius!


Next I worked on the drawers. We fairly regularly create labels and use stickers, but we don’t do it every day. And if it doesn’t happen every day then it doesn’t need to be on the top of my desk. I can’t abide by lots of clutter.



Here’s a look at both together-CHEETAH!


We also keep a stack of books on hand that have useful info or just give us fun ideas.  I wanted them to be easily reachable but not cluttering our office. The reality is if you’ve been to our office, its uber-colorful. And everything we carry is small and brightly colored. Keeping everything in a clean line and organized is paramount to keeping customers from being overwhelmed.

Don’t believe me? See?!


Here’s a final look at the underneath portion of our TV armoire, the top literally just holds the TV now thankfully!


Ehrmagerd the washis are so cuuute!




These are my very favorite books y’all! I have a few more on my list to grab but these I love!

I also utilized the interior of the doors to accomplish a few things. Printable labels that I use rarely are now in a hanging bin. Is it ironic that the bin that holds my labels doesn’t have a label itself?! But I digress…..


Mailing items are on the opposite door in a darling metal envelope I purchased at Target.


And that’s it guys! We’re back to a clean, functional armoire. No more mess behind the doors. What a successful Saturday ;0)

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll be back next week with tutorials and some more fun office updates.


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