Philly Cheesesteaks-On the Skinny

Happy Thursday y’all! I totally meant to do a barefoot sandals tutorial today but I ran out of photography time and was ready with my cheesesteaks first-huzzah! We love philly cheesesteaks in our family, but unfortunately they’re usually loaded with junk and topped with fries and we just can’t eat ’em. I got some crazy bad metabolish genes from my father, and although I wish I could return them its just not possible.

Recently my lovely MIL Glenda gave me a great recipe book from American Test Kitchen called Comfort Food Makeovers. I think she and I are food soul sisters, she knows what I like. Immediately I noticed they had a great recipe for philly cheesesteaks taking the average calories from 796 to just 400, including the bun y’all!

We had to try it. So we did and here are the results. Let’s be real here for a sec. They smelled SO good that I started eating before I got a picture of the finished product, so my finished product pic is a half eaten sandwich. Its whatever.

Here’s what you need for four servings/four sandwiches:

  • 1 onion diced finely
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 pound of round steak
  • 5 slices of low fat American cheese
  • french rolls or whatever type of bread you prefer. We got great sub rolls at Safeway

Y’all this is so easy. First you’ll take the meat and stick it in the freezer for about half an hour, just long enough to make the outside hard but leave the inside soft. Once that’s done you’ll remove it and cut it into long half inch by inch strips. Basically you’re going to run this through your food processor to finely slice it. If you don’t have the meat chopper upper blade just cut it as thinly as you can so it’ll still be able to cook quickly. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love meat pictures but this will at least show you what I’m talkin’ about…..




And here’s how it should look, kind of hamburger-y but not totally.


And here’s my meat waiting for Jason to get home so I could cook. I was hangry when I wrote this.



Here’s my cookbook open and waiting for him to get home so I could start. Y’all this is a pretty quick process! Apart from the freezing the whole thing only took me about 15 minutes, so I really couldn’t start til he arrived. Here I am still waiting.


YAY finally he got home and I could get started.

You’ll throw your diced onions in a non-stick skillet with whatever oil you’ve got on hand. I did a smidge of olive oil plus a liberal dash of salt and pepper. Cook them long enough to soften. I prefer mine even a little more cooked than that, caramelized to let a little sweetness shine through. I cooked mine about ten minutes.


Once they were nice and brown and see through I added in the meat, all one pound of it.

I gave it all a good toss then let it simmer a few minutes. And I got out the accoutrements…..


Obviously my husband must hot sauce everything. So here was where he started. And I got out my beef plates ahaha!


I tossed the meat a few times in the skillet until it was nice and cooked through.


At this point your house will smell amazing. Neighbors will come over and beg for food. Its that awesome. Now you’ll take your strips of cheese and just coat the steak with them. Leave them be until they melt.


And maybe think about doing a side of veggies or something for god’s sake.


Now that your cheese has melted go ahead and toss it a few times in the skillet to liberally coat the steak with it. I left mine cooking another minute or two just to really get that gooey cheesy goodness flowing.

While I did that Jason toasted the sub rolls in the oven for just a minute or two.


And then we turned off the stove and served ourselves and started eating. And then halfway through I shouted out “holy crap!” and Jason spit out his beer cuz I skeered him. And then I remembered to go inside and take a picture of the final product so you could see how awesome it looked (kinda).


And there’s another final vision of delight.


And that’s philly cheesesteaks on the skinny! Hope you guys love the recipe 🙂 It was a total hit in my family so we’ll definitely make it again!

Over and out!

Anna Mack


3 thoughts on “Philly Cheesesteaks-On the Skinny

  1. Oh my god this is so hilarious you certainly have a way with words and you have a very funny writing style. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t hooked you into writing is paying food blog

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