Wonderful New Products and Upcoming Tutorials

Howdy y’all! Later on today we’re shooting a tutorial for making baby barefoot sandals, please check back with us! We’re planning to do a photo tutorial for the blog, a printable one pager for the site, and a youtube video as well. Please holler at us if there are tutorials you’d like to see with our products! We’re always looking for new ones.

This has also been a great month of ordering new stuff. Next month we start into fall and Halloween ordering if you can even believe it! Fourth of July is over you guys! (Well supply-wise it is :0) )

Here are a bunch of wonderful new flowers we got this week. I just love them all and they’re all super affordable, around a dollar a piece. Plus you can always utilize our wholesale program to get better pricing and loyalty points. If you don’t know about those programs just check out the Useful Info tab on our website homepage!

Without further ado…..

We just got in these darling Chiffon Poof Bows. A local customer brought one in and recommended we get them. They’re so much cuter in person than I would have thought, and I’m kind of in love. We’re already pretty much sold out of the red/white/blue fourth of July ones….



The new Glitter Bows are also pretty durn cute. I imagine them on a hair clip or maybe even as a shoe clip. They’re so cute and the thick leather-like fabric means they hold that shape perfectly.



We also got in a new neon colorway in some petite bowtie bows. They’re our smallest sequined bow and I just love them. They’re perfect for the smallest of babies. They’d be DARLING on a 1/8″ headband or even a stick-on clip.



Here’s an up close version so you can see the size. That’s just the tip of my little finger!



Here’s an up close of a new Peony flower we just got. This one is pretty large, about 4 inches across. This photo should give you a great view of the beauty of this flower. It IS stemmed so you’ll want to remove that and put something in the center. But we have a few hundred button options so that shouldn’t be too hard ;0)



And here’s the whole family….



We also ordered the Chiffon Poof Bows in solid colors. Y’all I love them so much!



There were literally too many pictures to post here but we got a TON of new metallic fold over elastics. You can find them all on our New Products page. They’re so fun!




Houndstooth aaaaahhhhhh! I love it for fall :0)



We also got in a new FOE that’s actually lace print. Its so cute! We ordered gray, hot pink and red to start with. I’m planning to get orange with black lace print for Halloween. Cannot. WAIT.



This darling flower arrived yesterday, our new Unfinished Ballerina Flowers-Quatrefoil Patterns. Find them all here.



We also received these beautiful Chiffon Puff Flowers. Y’all its hard to tell in a photo, but the four neons are shockingly difficult to look at haha! They are SO bright and perfect. If you want a true vibrant neon this is the flower for you.



……and this might be my favorite y’all. This new type of ballerina flower has a bottom layer of tulle and a top layer of lace. Most of them are two toned although some are single colors. They’re simply beautiful and great for any size kiddo, they’re not a huge flower at all!





And here’s the full selection!


Just a final look :):):)


That’s it for now you guys! We’re short an employee for the next month as Mariah travels to Thailand. Its so rough to be in her life ;0) Bare with us if we’re a little slower on orders although I don’t think we will be! We’re keeping up well so far.


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