New Arrivals and the Return of Daily Deals!

Happy Wednesday y’all! We’re still trying to catch up from the holiday weekend but we’re making our way through, slowly but surely. By the end of today we should be caught up through Monday night’s orders.Β  We actually didn’t work a lick this weekend on the business which was nice. Because I spent the whole weekend ripping down this hideous 70s mural.


But that’s a story for another blog post :0)

We got a bunch of fun new products in yesterday plus restocked some current products. Here’s the restocked list first:

Here’s all the fun new stuff, I think I’m in love. But I’m pretty sure I always say that!


We finally started getting our Chiffon and Pearl Flowers in Patterns! I started with these five to see how you guys like them. Incidentally we started doing Daily Deals again as well, and this is it for today! The price is $1.95 per flower from $2.45, plus you can still utilize our wholesale discounting to save more! Y’all take advantage please-then I can call and order more :):):)


We also got our Petite Shabby Trim in a new Ice Blue that looks great with our Ice Blue FOE.Β  Its just beautiful. And being a Carolina Girl it really does speak to me :):):) Go Heels!

Here’s an up-close look:


We also got two new july 4th shabbies. I only ordered 40 or 50 yards of each and we won’t reorder as there isn’t time. Get ’em while we got ’em!


Now I love this first one, but the only thing I’ll say is because the actual fabric is super thin and its folded over a ton, you can at times see the red and blue through the white, making the white almost….not white. If you think that might bother you please don’t buy it! But it wouldn’t bother me and I’ve already made a few cute headbands for friends with it! This one is our Red White and Blue Chevron above, and Patriotic Flag below.


That’s it for me today you guys! I’ll have a fun tutorial and another new recipe later this week. Stay tuned!




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