Tutorial-Silk Fluff Flower Headband

If you read the blog earlier this week you saw that our Silk and Organza Fluff Flower is back in stock! If you didn’t see that post here’s the flower, and also a darling pic of the headband we’re teaching today.Β  If you’re more of a visual learner you can also watch us making this headband on YouTube as well!


_DSC0075 (2)

So here’s what you’ll need!


Now for the headband you really can use any type of elastic. I love how the 1/8″ Braided Elastic looks with this flower so that’s what we picked. We did 15″ in length for a toddler but here are our recommended headband sizes.

  • 13″ Total Length: Newborn
  • 14″ Total Length: 0-1 Year
  • 15″ Total Length: Toddler
  • 16″ Total Length: Older Kid/Tween/Teen
  • 17″ Total Length: Adult

Or you can also just measure the head of the person who will be wearing the band, that’s always fine too! If you use that method just subtract one inch from their head measurement for your headband length.!

OK! First thing you’re going to do is glue your elastic onto one of the felt pieces like so.


Glue the other end, ensuring the elastic isn’t twisted anywhere. Then glue the second felt circle on top essentially enclosing the elastic between the two felts.


I like to throw a little extra glue around the edge too to ensure the headband stays together.Β  Next you’ll set the headband back down and place a few dabs of glue on the felt circle’s exterior.


Literally ALL you do at this point is center your flower over the felt circle and press it to ensure its really stuck. Then you have a darling headband that cost you only a few dollars! We carry this flower in over 20 colors, so imagine all the fun you could have!

Out for now, happy crafting!



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