Craft Tutorial-DIY Ball Chain Necklace

You guys this tutorial could NOT be easier, but that’s great because it still might be a new skill for ya! New is good! You’ll need just a few ingredients and we sell most of them:

  • Jump Ring (easily findable at JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc)
  • Pendant
  • Ball Chain
  • Small Pliers

This is going to be our final product just as a little sneak peek.


What you’re going to do is to gather up all your supplies like so.


We’re working with our Rose Pendant and the hole is actually pretty small, so we’ll use the jump ring to make that hole big enough for the chain to slide through. First you’ll use your pliers to open up the jump ring wide enough to slip through the pendant’s hole.



Next you’ll slide the jump ring through the hole in the pendant and close it back up using the pliers.


At this point you’re almost finished! Just slip the ball chain through the jump ring and you have a necklace, ready to wear!




If you want to get REALLY crazy you can even add more pendants!


We hope you loved this super simple tutorial. Think of all the awesome necklaces you can make your little princess with minimal investment.

Anna Mack over and out!

🙂 Happy Crafting.


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