New Summer Elastics Just In!

Happy Thursday y’all! I didn’t get around to this post til today because we were SO swamped with pre-orders. But I’m happy to announce the new summer/july 4th elastics are stunning!  See below and you can find them all here as well.



nautical chevron

puffer fish



triple chevron



captains wheel

We also finally brought back some tie dye elastics. They’ve been pretty widely requested since we last had them so I’m glad to announce they’re back too. I’ve got a few in production but what we have is a pretty good start! Get them here.

pink tie dye

purple tie dye


blue tie dye

coral tie dye

ALSO finally we got in a medium gray skinny elastic, navy skinny elastic and ivory skinny. I feel like its been forever since we ordered them haha.

light navy skinny

gray skinny

ivory skinny 2

That’s it for me today folks! I’ll be working on a fun tutorial tomorrow so stay tuned!!!!




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