For the Locals-An Awesome Gift Shop!

Occasionally we do posts that are mostly for our local customers. Today’s is about a super fun gift shop (think Etsy Store). But the reality is it might give everyone ideas for how to get into local shops wherever you are! My good friend Nikki told me about an awesome local gift shop for handmade artisans in CO, its called Unlisted LLC. Their basic premise is you rent a space and pay a small commission and they handle everything else!

We decided to build a small pop-up shop there to promote our store and also test out products for our upcoming new shop (more on that later).  Their store is so darling and if you’re local please go check it out! Tell Lexi and Mike that we sent you! For now here’s our pop up shop. Have you got pics of your goods in a local store? We’d love to see them! Please share them on our facebook page here and shout out your business, we LOVE to help other small businesses.


Here’s the view as you walk towards our store. Jason built a huge 5×7 furniture piece out of local beetle kill pine that’s just beautiful. Lots of shelves but still plenty of space to take a stroller through.


We’re selling hats from our Mama Always Said ready-made collection there. Great use for a shabby pearl flower y’all! We shared some darling pics from our modeling company in this post if you want to see them on.



We don’t carry these necklaces online though we do carry them for our local customers. Jason built me some beautiful copper T Bar displays to show them off!


There’s a better view 🙂 Plus you’ve always got to plug the social media outlets!


We’ve got tons of our ready made items but also kits in the pop up shop. We thought it’d be interesting to see what sells in a gift shop scenario!


Another product we sell only in-store–Hairbow Holders!



Our little ladybug Mariah came up with some darling headband sets for the shop-love her style! The suspenders are a big hit in our own shop as well! Want to learn how to make ’em? Check out our super easy tutorial here!


Headband kits, yeehaw! Super simple kits for 3 to 4 flower headbands.


So….we haven’t done a dino tail tutorial yet on the site but I plan to soon. We do sell them in our ready-made shop Mama Always Said. And I DID spend ALLLLLL day Friday making them. Good grief it took me forever.


We’re testing out a few new grab bag packaging ideas!


Here’s the beginning of Jason’s side of the shop! He makes the most beautiful, awesome, coolest ever tree swings. I jazzed up a little box for him to put the ropes in.


Do you *NEED* one of these???? Check out his shop here 🙂


You can also get a rectangular one!


And there it is hangin’. I sure hope nobody decides to try to crawl on there, we made the swing high enough that you’d really have to put an effort into that.

That was pretty much our weekend y’all. Oh we did some house renovating too and managed to fit a baseball game in there as well.  Maybe one day I’ll do a post about all the crazy stuff we’ve done to our abode. But then it’d be forty pages long 🙂

I’m out for the day, got a huge to do list! Happy crafting y’all!


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