Dreaming of Summer

Well here in Colorado we got our March Snow Storm today!  Between you and me I really, really don’t like the spring snows here!  They come in with a fury (or so it seems since usually the day before it was 50 degrees and I was wearing shorts!) and the snow is heavy, tree breaking heavy in fact.  At my house I got 8 inches of snow and in the mountains they got double that!

So let me tell you I have been dreaming of summer.  Of BBQs, beaches, fireworks, warm grass, fresh garden veggies and maybe even a good, frosty beverage!  Which lead to the girls and I making Fourth of July themed headbands today!  Yes it may seem early but we are also not the only ones thinking of the good old Red, White and Blue!  Many of you are ordering those fab colors and star appliques already.  So here are a few ideas we came up with!!

Mariah came up with these darling gems!!  The bows she made from our  3/8″ Regular Glitter and the center are our clear with clear outline Mini Jeweled Buttons.



redbow1 hhbb4




These two darlings are two of our more popular flowers!  The first is our Ranunculus flower with one of our Turquoise Antique Gold Buttons in the middle on the Rhinestone Studded Elastic.  We did a tutorial earlier on how to make the Ranunculus flowers here.  The second headband is our Rhinestone Center flower with a Red Vintage Button in the middle on our Navy with Silver Stripe Metallic FOE!
hhbb1-001 hb10


The next two headbands showcases one of our newer flowers and a new take on an oldie but goodie!  The first headband is our Jeweled Pearl Flower in Turquoise on our Red with Silver Dot  Metallic FOE.  The second flower is our Shabby Pearl Flower but made with our Red and White Stripe Petite Shabby Trim and our Red and Royal Acrylic Button!



Oh my gosh!!  I love making these wonderful gems!  I can almost taste the brats and see the fireworks!!  I hope this post has inspired you a bit to not only feel the sun on your face but start thinking about designing your own 4th of July and summer inspired headbands!

As always if you make something adorably wonderful, send it to us!  We always love to see what you’re up to!  😀  hello@fleuristesupplies.com

Happy Crafting!




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