New Ribbon Arrivals!

Hey folks! We were so happy today when our mailman showed up with some beautiful ribbons. We’ve finally started adding awesome designer ribbon to the shop. If you never checked it out just click HERE. The original set of ribbons we carried were 1.5″ and 2″ width so super wide. The newest batch are thinner, the smallest being 5/8″.

No idea what to do with fancy woven ribbon? Check out our headband tutorial HERE. We love ours in the office! I have one on lots of the time and I wear one to yoga three times a week!

headband girls

Now not everyone’s style is for super wide headbands, so we wanted a few ribbons that were simpler. Check them all out here.

This is the only 1.5″ ribbon from our newest selection, Fuchsia Teal Medallions.


This next is 5/8″ wide and called Happy Spring Butterflies :0) Can you tell we’re sick to death of winter here?!?!


I love the next one, its so happy! We’re hoping to do a tutorial soon for a key fob with this ribbon! Blue Daisies.


This is our 5/8″ Spring Day ribbon, love it!


This next is actually my fave, I love the Union Jack. Its 5/8″ in width as well!


We called this 5/8″ woven ribbon Nikki’s Favorite after a gal in our office who loves these two colors, and the pattern, and everything in general. She’s so positive and lovely!


Alright ladies. Just one more small announcement-we’ve begun to finally receive our shipments of hardware so we’ll be adding them to the site section HERE as I photograph. Felt Circles, Alligator Clips and now Lined Snap Clips!



That’s all for now folks! Happy crafting and definitely check out our YouTube channel this week-we’re planning to get a tutorial up for a couple different types of headbands.


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