New Arrivals-March 18, 2014

Happy Tuesday y’all! Can you tell I’m in a good mood? I’ve posted “Happy Tuesday” on every social media we have today haha! I always feel happy on days we have new arrivals. We got lots restocked and lots new today so I thought a post was in order for sure.

Here’s the list of items that were restocked today, both websites are up to date!

  • Beaded Bridal Appliques in Roaring 20s, Sunburst, Gatsby, and Round Star
  • FOE by the yard AND roll in Tangerine, Ivory, Light Chocolate, Light Gray, Charcoal, Black, Aqua Green, Seafoam, and Dark Navy

That’s it for the re-stock but onto the new items!!!

  • We got two new FOE colors in time for easter: Lilac and Sky Blue



  • We also got in five new beaded bridal appliques (pics below)


Here’s the full collection at this point-I love them all so much! We’ll be doing a beaded bridal headband tutorial later on this week too.


We had them laid out in the office to count and a gal came in and just couldn’t resist them-I don’t blame her! I love them so much!

  • We finally got in the ball chain necklaces to go with all our cute pendants. We’re carrying them in a ton of colors but will stock more if they do well in store and online.


ball chain2

purple chain

There’s an up close picture if you want to see the detail. And if you have NO idea what to do with these durn things have a look at this cute little necklace!

ball chain

OK gals that’s all from us today! We have lots of beautiful ribbons and hardware on the way and hopefully arriving soon! Metallic prints will be restocked next week plus about 10 new summer prints.



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