Spring 2014 Color and Style Trends

Happy Thursday you guys! We’ve been trying to get so much accomplished over here that we’ve neglected the blog just a little bit. We  did announce our summer FOE design winners here, but that’s about all we had time for!

We get lots of requests about what items and colors are selling, especially from folks who are new to crafting. I thought it might be fun to do a post about color and style trends we’re noticing. This is all based on what we’re selling a lot of so I hope it helps!  I’ll start with color combos first that we’re seeing fly out the door.


Aqua and Chocolate are super hot colors right now-we’re sending this mix of colors in literally every product in the shop.  This color translates well in everything from elastic to flower to trims so look around for it!


Jade Teal and Peach/Coral/Watermelon are also flying off the shelves in the store.  I’m showing here both our Petite Shabby Trim and our Petite Chiffon Flowers, but we have these colors all throughout the shop.  They’re beautiful together or separate. Watermelon in particular is one of my FAVORITES!!!


The closer we get to the Fourth of July the more I see nautical colors coming out. We are selling a ton of red, blue, navy and gray. I put together a few flowers and trims here for you to see including our Chiffon Pearl Flower, Shabby Shredded Lace Flower and Pearl Centered Buttons.  Time to get ready for the hot dogs and barbeque!



Navy and Yellow are also two colors we’re seeing a lot. I suspect its a mix of Easter and Fourth of July but all shades of our dark blues and yellows are flying.



I’m sure this color combo is always popular because of the ice cream, but Chocolate FOE and our Mint with Chocolate Dots Chiffon flower are so durn cute together! If you have no idea what to do with them check out this headband from our ready made store.

mint flower


So cute right?!?! We’re selling plenty of those both in store and in our ready made shop on Etsy.

I think now I’ll move into some style trends we’re seeing.  I’d say bling is one of the first things I’m noticing. Our suppliers are starting to develop flowers and appliques with a LOT of bling-I’m talking crystals, pearls, appliques, beads, lace.  They’re sticking it all on one flower and selling tons.  So likewise our shop is turning into bling central. My husband tells me he actually went to the gun range this week and a piece of glitter elastic came flying out of his gun case-and it didn’t make him look very manly.  I said “let’s be honest, you were using it to tie something together weren’t you?!?!”  ;0)



In this photo you have our frosted glitter elastic, Chiffon and Pearl Flowers, Petite Chiffon Flowers and our new Jeweled Pearl Flowers.

Another huge trend we’re seeing is angular or almost-Aztec style patterns like our newest FOE.  We have tons of fun angular FOE prints shipping this week and hopefully arriving next! Check out our facebook page for regular product updates.



I’d say a final trend that’s carrying over from last year is ombre. Our ombre glitter elastics are still hugely popular and we’re seeing a mix of flowers and appliques in an ombre pattern as well. We threw together a few ombre shabby rosette headbands from our solid fold over elastic and single shabby rosettes.


006 005 003


That’s it for now gals! Hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration. We’ll be back tomorrow with another fun post (hopefully!)

Have a fab THURSDAY!





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  1. I absolutely love this blog it’s extremely helpful and the photos are awesome I bet it generates a lot of sales!!!! Best Blog Yet Winner,,,

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