Adventures in Headband Making

Hello, Everyone.

TGIF! It’s Nikki, part of the Fleuriste team. I am Super excited to tell y’all about our adventure we had today while making headbands with our GORGEOUS Amy Butler ribbons.

Have you checked out this collection? If you have, then you know how spectacular they are and if you have not…stop what you are doing and CHECK them out!!! They truly are that amazing! Great news, we are expanding our ribbon collection! So check back with us in a couple of weeks to see our new ribbons.

Now back to our adventure…we made a fabulous headband today with our Amy Butler Blue Brocade ribbon.


Check it out! It’s really pretty huh?

To make this beauty here is what you need:

15″ Decorative Ribbon

15″ Velvet Ribbon in the same width as your Decorative Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun warmed up and ready to go

5″ 1/2″ wide Black Elastic*

*Depending on the amount of stretch that you get from your elastic, you might want to make it a little shorter so that you get a tight fit with your finished headband.

Sewing Machine with matching thread to sew your finished product.

You’ve got everything you need so let’s get crafting!




First, Take both of your ribbons and put a small strip of glue along the edge and tuck the edges under to make a nice clean edge.





Next, to stabilize the headband, line up the ribbons (undersides of each ribbon touching so that your finished product comes out right) Β and make a thin line of glue on the underside of the velvet ribbon and place the underside of the of the decorative ribbon on top and hold in place a couple of seconds while the glue dries. It is important to not use too much glue, you don’t want your headband to turn out lumpy. Also, make sure you leave 1/2″ on each end to allow you to glue the elastic in place.



At one end, line up your elastic in the center in between the two ribbons. Place a little drop of glue and hold your elastic in place and let dry. Make sure that you allow about 1/2″ of elastic to have a little give. Do not glue the other end, leave it unfinished at this time. This will make it easier to sew.



Now, it is time to sew along the very edge of your ribbon. Sew along the entire edge but save the end that does not have the elastic until the very end.

When you are ready to sew the end, tuck your elastic in between the two ribbons, making sure to allow 1/2″ for a little give. Sew the headband shut, trim up lose threads.


Now you have a finished headband!



Prepare to look STUNNING and rock this fabulous headband!

headband girls

Enjoy! Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll check you on the next blog!

Happy Crafting πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Adventures in Headband Making

  1. Thank you for this tutorial ! We will try to make 2 headbands this weekend and will then stop by the shop to show you our works of art!

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