Clip On Dino Tail Tutorial

YOU GUYS! I’ve been working on some super fun stuff FOR.EV.ER and I’m super glad to finally be doing tutorials for it. You may know that for many years we’ve been selling clip on dino tails on our other site.  No idea what that is? Here’s one in use at, of all places, the Natural History Museum :0)

dino tail

That was a custom request with many many spike colors which I thought was DARLING in the end. My little friend Tana got lots of fun comments during that little outing.  So today we’re going to teach y’all how to make them! If you’re not into making them or you’re just not into getting all the ingredients for it you can also purchase our ready to make craft kit here.  It’ll come all packaged up and cute with a tutorial, kinda like this:




So now that you’re ready to make your own here’s what you’ll need if you DON’T buy our kits:

  • sewing machine and thread (this actually isn’t in the kit, sorry ;0)
  • 18″x20″ of fleece
  • one 8.5×11 sheet of fleece
  • stuffing (I use the pillow stuffing from JoAnn Crafts)
  • scissors
  • patience

OK here’s our get ready posture.


I like to make my spikes first so you’ll take your felt and fold it in half longways like so.


Then you cut the spikes however big you like, I tend to eyeball it a little bit because I like them to be bigger at the top of the tail and smaller at the bottom 🙂 They don’t have to be perfect because they’re going to get snipped a little more anyhow.




Once you’ve got your set of four grab up one of the sets. I make sure they’re lined up and then I use a zigzag stitch to outline just the top two portions of the spike like the pic below. You want to leave the bottom open for stuffing!




Once you’ve sewn it just trim along the edges of the spike. I like to give the very top an angular cut to really jazz it up.

Once you’ve stuffed all the spikes with a little bit of stuffing just set them aside and grab your fabric.




I’m using a half yard of fabric long-ways because I like to make a bunch of tails from the same fleece.  I find that a little bit easier to deal with.  I fold it down making sure I have about 10″ of height on the open ends.  Then I cut out a tail shape with a little angle. That’s not necessary but I like to do it that way to give the tail some oomph.



The exact dimensions don’t have to be perfect but I do typically have a template I use so my tails are all the same size 🙂 No you want to line up your spikes to get them ready for insertion.




Notice how I have all my angular points going the same way? That’s on purpose y’all! Now you’re going to place the spikes BETWEEN the fold of the fleece and pin them in place. That way they won’t fall when you sew.


Using a straight stitch I sew the whole length of the TOP of the tail to secure the spikes in place. Make sure to leave the end open so you can actually stuff it though!



Once that’s done just flip the tail inside out and start stuffing! Once you get towards the end leave a little emptiness. You’ll be folding the fabric in like a tube to make a finished end for the clips, so you don’t want too much stuffing in the way.







When you’ve got the tail stuffed we’ll create the little loops shown here for the clips. We use mitten clips which we’ll carry on the site very soon! I like them for clipping to the back of a shirt or pants and they hold SUPER well. What I usually do is take the piece of fabric left over from cutting the tail and lay it down like so.





The length doesn’t even really matter since most of this will be sewn onto the inside of the tail.



Now that your tail is stuffed and your clips are ready you want to fold the top of the dino tail and pin your clips in place, with the opening of the tail fully closed.





See how I have the clips pretty evenly in the opening of the tail? You can place them however you want I just keep them fairly close to the tail opening. That way its all snug and secure. Using your sewing machine you’ll slowly stitch the opening closed. This is a little tedious since the spikes get in the way so just go slowly.





And there you have it!!! A darling clip on tail for dress up and playtime.  Here’s Mariah really showing it off too.



We have a really crazy office :0)

Hope you all enjoyed our newest tutorial-thank you for supporting small business!










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  1. Love this totally adorable

    On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 2:57 PM, Fleuriste Craft Supply wrote:

    > fleuristesupplies posted: “YOU GUYS! I’ve been working on some super > fun stuff FOR.EV.ER and I’m super glad to finally be > doing tutorials for it. You may know that for many years we’ve been selling > clip on dino tails on our other site. No idea what that is? Here’s one in > use at, o”

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