An Organized Office

Every time I post a pic of the office I get lots of questions about the items we use to organize. I love it! Organizing is my specialty and my true love for sure.  We’re in the process of RE-organizing a lot of things in the office to allow us to do better signage for walk-in customers. I thought you guys might like to get a few ideas for your own craft rooms! …….and now I’m totally inspired to redo my craft room at home haha!

When you walk in our office pretty much the first thing you see is our ready-to-wear headband section. It includes satin headbands, doll headbands and the 1.5″ crochet headbands that we just carry locally. We recently invested in the beautiful 64 ounce black-topped glass jars from Hobby Lobby. They’re made by Anchor Hocking so you can get them online in a bunch of places like this one.  I’d probably advise waiting for Hobby Lobby to put them on sale which seems to happen every other week.  I got all of mine half off. They actually didn’t even have enough so I had them order for me and they’re ready for pick up today!



Now for the doll headbands I went a little more simple-our local Dollar Tree had these perfect sized glass jars and I think its pretty much a stock item they carry all the time! For the signage we bought little chalkboard labels at JoAnn Fabrics and then just stuck them on popsicle sticks-that easy! We move things around SO much in our office that it was important that our storage be pretty portable.

We carry so many colors of headbands that we noticed people were having a hard time picking and getting the same color time after time. My goal today is to redo the photos of the satin headbands on the website, that page is all kinds of messed up at the moment! In the meantime we at least made sure the office was organized! I used Avery round 2″ labels to create an easy to follow system for our order packers and walk in customers.



Now when people come in they won’t be trying to remember which shade they got, they can look right at their receipt!


Moving around our office we got this great industrial organizer from Home Goods.  If you guys have not been to that store they have AWESOME organizing stuff! Almost everything I find that I love for organizing came from the kitchen section ha. I love the industrial look and have been moving our storage/displays that direction for a long time.  I’m so excited its all finally coming together! Stacked in this lovely organizer are our spools of Amy Butler ribbon 🙂

We use this very same organizer for all our single hair ties!


Moving around the office a little more we have a table that’s turning into the ready made and gift section. Its got lots of fun items that aren’t on the site (sorry!) because we just don’t have enough of each thing to photograph them.  Its totally a work in progress but the storage at least is looking pretty cute!


The vintage scale came from an estate sale (sorry!) but there are several people selling amazing scales on Etsy!  The button earring cards I also purchased on Etsy just by searching for “earring display cards”. There are SO many people that carry them!  The packets the hairties are strung on come from uline as well and the crinkle paper is from the Dollar Tree. The awesome industrial basket in the back right is another Home Goods purchase! I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!!!!!


We used that awesome industrial basket to house our Mini Starter Kits and our packaged Headband Sets (those will be on the site soon!).  The cardboard for the headbands, the bags and the clear plastic trays all came from uline. That place is awesome! The bag topper I made myself on white paper using Adobe Illustrator. You could totally download a template for a bag topper though pretty easily!


Our ready made table also features our in-store only Kanzashi Clips, so cute! I like to display them on a mini cake stand bought at…..where else…..Home Goods! TJ Maxx is probably pretty similar if you have one of those in your area, or maybe a Stein Mart too!


Our darling key fobs are also displayed in a Home Goods container. You just can’t beat that place. If you don’t have a Home Goods you can find a lot of similar things at the stores mentioned above but also at Target! I get lots of fun and simple displays there in the kitchen section!


Also purchased at Target is this little tray and bowls I use for the only leftover Halloween Buttons.

I think its so durn cute!


Are you guys tired of me talking about Home Goods yet? This white tray came form there and also these awesome wire baskets! They hold our yarn used for classes 🙂 We also have one stray dino tail hanging around in there, I really need to fill that thing up!


We get lots of questions about organizing our elastics-we carry so so many that we had to build special tables. Thank gawd for a crafty husband.  We made tall shelves to stack each elastic and a custom made roller to easily cut each order.



We ended up using one of the Vintage Paper Filers we redid in this tutorial  to hold our Russian Veilings. Those things can get seriously out of control if left to their own devices!

That’s the office for now! I hope you guys enjoyed this little view around. If you’ve never seen a pic of the WHOLE place here’s a little peek for ya 🙂



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