Guest Post-Kristina Lynn Photography-Photo Props Galore!

From time to time we love to bring in fun guests to do posts on the blog. Today our great friend Kristina of Kristina Lynn Photo is here to talk about how to pick the perfect accessory for your childrens’ photo session.  We hope you enjoy this fun guest post-thank you for stopping by!
Fleuriste Craft Supply

One of my favorite parts of lining up a newborn photo session is picking out the perfect accessories, especially for the little girls! Headbands and wraps are all the rage right now, and trying to weed through all that’s on the market to find the perfect one can be quite a challenge. And don’t get me started on how fast that online shopping cart total can climb! It’s addicting with so many cute things out there – some days I  feel like I need a 12 step program! But never fear! I am here to help you with a few tips on how to create the perfect accessory for your photo shoot.
The key to finding the perfect accessory and not break the bank, is to make it yourself. Yes, there are TONS of stores out there that sell pre made headbands and other accessories but sometimes these can cost a pretty penny. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck I recommend finding a craft supply store and starting there. Fleuriste Craft Supply is one of my favorite go to shops in the Denver metro because they have such a great selection of items and I can get exactly what I want to create the look I am going for. Not to mention that they can teach you how to put it all together (for us less-crafty types!). Every time I go in there I usually walk out with enough items to make 4-5 different headbands all for what it would have cost me to buy just one pre-made one online.
Whenever shopping for a new headband or accessory, there’s a couple things to keep in mind:
Decide on a style.
What is the overall style you are going for? Is it more of a natural/organic look where a thin neutral elastic band with a tulle flower would be perfect? Or are you going more glam where a thicker glitter elastic paired with a sequin center flower hits the mark?
Keep it in proportion.
Think about who will be wearing the accessory and choose pieces that will fit them proportionally. A 5 inch diameter flower would look great on an adult but might be overkill on a newborn. Bigger isn’t alway better!
Think versatility.
The best part of making your own accessory is you can create it to be versatile! Being a photographer, I didn’t want to have to make 4 versions of the exact same headband to fit the different age groups that come into the studio. So instead I made different sized elastic bands and attached the flowers with clips. This way I only have to buy 1 flower and can also mix and match to create different looks.
And if you’re just at a loss and don’t know where to start, Fleuriste has an online store where you can purchase pre made headbands and their prices are awesome! Check out some of the photos below for inspiration. All of the headbands shown were created with supplies from Fleuriste. Happy Accessorizing!
Kristina Marshall is the owner of Kristina Lynn Photography & Design, an on-location portrait studio and premier wedding photographer based in Lone Tree, Colorado. Specializing in creatively modern portraits, Kristina Lynn Photography & Design is focused on capturing who YOU are! Kristina strives to create an experience that captures your character and personality in each photo. Contact her today for more information on her portrait and wedding photography.
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