How to Make a Yarn Pom Pom Garland

You. Guys. I’m totally inspired. I can’t even remember where I saw this darling pom pom garland but I got pretty determined to make one. Check out how cute it turned out!!!! I totally imagine using this on a front door or as a photo prop or just to really snazz up your house.


Here’s another look.


We actually don’t sell any of the “ingredients” to make this garland but I’m hoping in the future we can sell kits.Ā  I think that would be so so fun!Ā  So here’s what you need:

  • 60 yards of yarn (a mix of colors is totally fine)
  • a yarn pom pom maker (you can get these at JoAnn for about $5 a piece, any size is available)
  • scissors

Y’all that’s it seriously. So here’s what that looks like, that little tool ya need:



So what you do is go ahead and unfurl the sections but make sure to keep them together. See how in this pic we have two “halves” on each side? Essentially the reason you need two is because the groove between them guides your scissors when you’re ready to cut. Grab your yarn and start rolling like so.



You want to continue rolling your yarn all the way around until its essentially forming a flat line across the top of the arc.Ā  Then you fold that half back into the pom pom maker and do the other half. If you do a bunch of colors of yarn you can just add them to your halves one after another for some crazy color combos.



Once you’ve got both halves rolled and back in place you’re going to use your scissors to follow the groove all along the middle and cut the yarn. It’ll turn into a giant puff and scare you. Don’t unfurl the “halves” again though because then all the pieces will fall out and make you sad. I did that. Three times.



Once you’ve cut both sides you’ll have something that looks like the above photo. I like to put the pompom down at this point and cut a piece to tie around the whole thing. That will keep everything in place nicely.


You pull your string along the middle like the pic above and then knot it, making sure the knot goes inside the pompom maker and is tied pretty tight. I did learn if you pull too hard you’ll break the string. Just make sure to tie it as tight as you can without ripping your string to shreds. Pardon the change in pom color at this stage of our tutorial. I totez forgot a few pictures and had to redo. Orange it is! Here’s how you unravel your tied pompom so you can use it.






Y’all that’s it! I love them šŸ™‚ We made a boatload of garlands and now they’re all over the office prompting a lot of interesting and off color jokes. Here’s a few more views of some of the poms we made :0).




I love them! We have them everywhere now.Ā  So easy.Ā  I imagine doing a mini version for my front door for spring. I’m totally gonna do it, how cute would they be on a wreath?!?!


Hope you guys enjoyed this simple pom pom tutorial. We’re aiming to become THE crafting sight for DIY tutorials, even if we don’t sell the items to make them.Ā  Hopefully you’ll continue to come visit us for top quality tutorials :0)



One thought on “How to Make a Yarn Pom Pom Garland

  1. What size are your pom poms? I bought the large kit and they are a lot smaller than yours look in the pictures!


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