Mourning Monday — Seasick!!

Oh Mondays, not everyone’s favorite day of the week (unless your Anna Mack but she’s a work-a-holic!).  Monday this week was especially painful for those of us in the Mile High State.  I can tell you the excitement in the city this past few weeks has been palpable as we prepared for our beloved Denver Broncos to go, FINALLY, to the Super Bowl.  The trash talk was endless!  The banter bountiful!!  We had many wonderful customers in WA ordering Lime Green and Royal Blue orders on the rush for their Seahawks.  We couldn’t resist throwing in some Orange and a giggle.  Oh what fools we were….  SO HOPEFUL!!!  Now… so sad…


The mood in the city changed last night.  You could almost feel the energy slowly leak out of us all like a balloon left too long after a party.  But we must go on!  Pick ourselves up by our orange and blue bootstraps!!  But oh boy was it hard.  Most of us here in the office are starting to fight off colds too.  So we figured we should fire ourselves up!!  Orders must go out!  Time for some sugar.  Doughnuts!!  Girl Scout Cookies!!  CUPCAKES!! DAYQUIL!!!

DSC_0075 DSC_0056 DSC_0052

We mourned our Broncos with sugar and giggled our way through the day as the sugar rush flowed happily in the office!!



Congratulation to the Seattle Seahawks on their amazing and glorious win bringing them to their FIRST EVER Super Bowl victory!  🙂  We danced in your honor….  Well sorta… 😉



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