Glitter Headband Tutorial

We’re super big over here lately on tutorials. I feel like we’ve done about a million. If you haven’t been keeping up on our facebook page we have tutorials in three places!

We put all the tutorials in those places so you can read or follow them however you like. Eventually we’ll get them all up on the Youtube though that’s our newest place for them. So far there are three videos on there-but we’re adding two per week so hopefully we’ll continue to grow that!

Today I wanted to do a tutorial for a darling glitter elastic headband. Rather than the typical tied or sewn or glued simple headband I wanted to do something a little more complex. Here’s the finished product in my hair (accompanied by my I-don’t-want-to-be-in-a-picture smile):

glitter hb1

Cute right?! Here’s what you need for this project:



What you’ll do first is line up the ends of your glitter elastic at a slight angle from each other. You don’t want to lay them perfectly even because then the two pieces of glitter elastic won’t sit properly on your head. See my angle here? I pinned them when they were in place.


Once pinned at an angle I put just a few stitches in the overlapped portion of the elastic to hold the overlap in place. Repeat this process with the other end and you’ll have something that looks like this:


Once I had that I wanted to even out the ends so I just snipped any excess off to result in a clean and square edge.


At this point I trimmed my extra strings and got the braided elastic ready. I overlapped the braided elastic with the first headband end by about 3/4 of an inch.Ā  Then using my sewing machine I stitched it into place pretty snuggly. I did a couple of lines of stitching back and forth to really make sure the headband wouldn’t rip once I began to use it.


Repeat this process on the other end and make sure you aren’t twisting the elastic at all. You want it to lay flat on your head underneath your hair. Here’s what the underside of mine looked like after sewing both ends.


I’m not big on “unfinished” things so I wanted to make a small cover for the elastic ends. I used my smaller elastic piece to wrap around the “unfinished” portion and make a clean end.


I placed a VERY small dab of glue on the elastic just to hold it down for sewing. I didn’t have quite enough room to pin so I had to improvise! I then sewed that little finished piece back and forth a few times to make sure it held.


I repeated this process on the other side and that’s it! Voila! A darling headband that only took me about ten minutes to make. And that’s just because it was my first attempt ha! I’m sure in the future it’ll be quicker ;0)

One last look…..

glitter hb2glitter hb3

I did use the 5/8″ width elastic for this project but you could certainly use thinner or even thicker! Enjoy!


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