Vintage Paper Filer Re-Vamp Project

You guys may have noticed at this point in my blogging life, but I love revamping old goodies. I love finding an old piece of furniture or pottery or an accessory and turning it into something new and fun. One of my good buddies runs a lovely estate sale company and I ALWAYS go. I love to see the items people have collected and find some of them spaces in my own home.  At the last sale I got this amazing pieced-together blanket. I picture it in a child’s room (one day, ha).


I also found a gorgeous old Le Creuset dutch oven in bright lime green.  Its totally awesome 🙂 My hubs and I are big into dutch ovens and I feel like I’m starting to become a collector.

We also lucked into two awesome old industrial paper filers. Originally they were both covered in stickers and goo.


I started to scrape them all off, hoping to spray paint them. I quickly realized the stickers were going to make this a challenge.   Here’s what I used for this project ultimately.


Jason and I lugged the paper filers into the sink and soaked them for a while. Then we took acetone and a paper towel to the sticker goo and it all came off super quickly. And there was a. LOT.





Once the paper filers dried we sat them out in the sun to really let them bake. I wanted them super dry before we spray painted. The surface is SO flat and slick that I was afraid an uneven spray painting would just make them look TERRIBLE. We began with a coat of gray primer.


It dried. It was kind of boring. Blah. We ultimately decided we wanted the filers to still look industrial, so we opted for mirror spray paint. Its not ridiculously shiny but it definitely had potential to jazz the filers up a bit.

Once the primer dried (which didn’t take long) we applied three coats of mirror paint.  Definitely got some up in my nose hairs and felt weird all night. I might suggest wearing a mask and standing as far away as possible. I didn’t do either of those things and I’m pretty sure it was all a big ole safety hazard.



Here’s an up close look of the whole drying thing.



I let the filers dry for two full days before trying to move them. They stayed fairly stick the first 24 hours. I think that’s probably because they did get so many coats. Here’s the final look in our office. They aren’t full of tutorials yet but I love them anyways!




LOVE THEM!!! The mirrored finish is just enough to jazz them up for me. Maybe one day if I decide to go really crazy I’ll repaint them turquoise. Sounds amazing!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this simple tutorial. I’m thinking of mirror paint for a TON of items in my house now.

And….drumroll…’s a sneak peek of a few of the supplies needed for my next tutorial. Stay tuned!




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