New Arrivals-Oh So Beautiful! And Some Inspiration…..

You guys I love this time of year. Its so fun because this is a time when we get in a LOT of new products. We’ve typically clearanced out the holidays and are moving right along to Valentines, St Pattys and Easter. Those are my favorite holidays really because everything is pastel-and I love pastel. Macaroons might be my favorite food just because they’re all pastel colors.

We got in lots of fun stuff this week. Firstly we restocked cantaloupe, powder pink, turquoise and kelly FOE. Rolls and by the yard are on the website a-plenty. We also got in some BEAUTIFUL unfrayed chiffon ballerina flowers. They’re much larger than all our other ballerina flowers-almost 3″ in diameter. I’ll do a headband tutorial soon with them so you can see.  Here’s a sneaky peek though:




And patterns y’all:



We also got in our Petite Chiffon Flowers in Patterns. EHRMAGERD I’m in lurv! Just think of all the amazing things you could do with these flowers. I’m awash with fabulous ideas if I do say so myself.





Those are the very newest arrivals though we did talk about our two tone hearts, two tone buttons and bunny appliques last week. I whipped up some headbands for a friends daughter and thought I’d share them. Hopefully they inspire you to make something fun and amazing. Feel FREE to copy our ideas and do the very same thing-we’re all about helping our customers do more and be more.  If you’re unsure of how to do any of these things check out our tutorials page here.


This headband is made with our 3/8″ glitter elastic in shocking hot pink, two tone shabby heart and mini sequined bow.


I love this! I love this so much.  We used our ombre glitter elastic in 3/8″, a rhinestone centered flower in turquoise and one of our new two tone jewel buttons! So simple you guys.

The next set of headbands are all skinny elastic and patterned shabbies, trimmed and glued together. Find the skinny elastic here and the patterned shabby yardage here.




Alrighty I’m heading out! We’re working on our youtube this week-we have on pitiful (but awesome) video on there. We need more. Lots more. So that’s our plan for this jolly January!






2 thoughts on “New Arrivals-Oh So Beautiful! And Some Inspiration…..

  1. Good videos would be making FOE headbands and measurements (w/out any embellishments), different and professional ways to finish off the backside of flower headbands, color combo ideas for inspiration. I know when I first started I was lost and looked everywhere for info. Even asking established businesses to share their tips and secrets. I’ve had lots of trial and error over the last couple of years and wish I’d had one place I could find good info to build my business! Thanks!!

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