New year, new resolutions!!

Hello y’all! Lisa Loodles here to chat with everybody about some fun new developments here at Fleuriste!

The first thing we want to let y’all know about is our FIRST Grab Bag extravaganza of 2014!! Yeeeah! Tune in to our Facebook page this coming Thursday, January 16th at Noon MST! We are gonna have some great deals and steals! We are ready to make room for some new spring stuff, so it’s gonna be goooooood! Don’t miss it!


We have some resolutions for the new year that we want to share… one of which is to strive to complete all orders within 2 business days! We know how important it is to depend on your supplier for timely shipping, and we are going to work even harder at this!!

We are SO excited about expanding our products this year too! As always, you can get the scoop through this blog or our weekly email newsletter about new stuff we will be stocking, such as the ADORABLE lil’ bitty flowers below…. Petite Chiffon flowers (available here)!


And it seems like every year we make some personal resolutions that are… well…. take a look below!


Healthy and happy in 2014!

So what are your NY resolutions? What products and tutorials would you like to see from Fleuriste this year? Is there anything we can do to improve our service? We want to hear from you!!  or Facebook!!

Lisa Loodles wishing you a fantastic week! Tune in tomorrow, Anna Mack is gonna show you some of the progress on the redeco of the infamous camper… and it’s WILD!


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