Here Comes the Easter Bunny!

Happy Monday you guys!  Anna Mack here, and I’m SO excited for all the fun items that have arrived over the last week or so.  If you want a quick look you can find them all in the New Items section of our shop. We’re all prepped for Valentines, St Pattys, and Easter over here. I love all those holidays-they’re full of pastel colorways and those are my absolute favorite.

Let’s get started! We’ve carried the Mini Tulle and Pearl for quite a while but now we’ve got it in white, red, lavender and royal blue for the upcoming holidays.


metallic heart foe

We’ve also got a TON of new Valentines print fold over elastics in.  Five new patterns are here and ready for your crafty needs! Find them all here.

mustache foe

rainbow foe

I LOVE the new rainbow metallic chevron-I have so many ideas for it! To go along with these beautiful bright new elastics we got some awesome buttons. The Two Tone Jewel Buttons have been a huge hit so far in the shop and I adore them. ADORE!

two tone buttons

Our new Antique Gold Buttons are another type of button we’ve gotten tons of requests for. Gold buttons are SO hard to find but we’ve got about five more styles on the way.

brooch buttons

We also got in some amazing shabby bunny singles that I cannot wait to use.  I actually think these would be so darling on a mantle or as a banner for easter.  There are so many fun things you could do with them-sew them to a shirt, add them to the end of a scarf-LOVE IT!


More to come! I don’t want to post everything in one day, but we also got in over 40 new shabby trims, restocked buttons, glitter, trims and more.


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