New Years Clearance Sale!!!

You guys! We’ve posted a number of times about our new years clearance sale but I thought it would be fun to show some pics 🙂 We have SO SO SO many items headed out the door and about half of it is actually sold already.  We do a huge big clearance sale every year but this year we have even more to go than usual.  Y’all I have a huge-normous amount of items scheduled to arrive. As soon as they start arriving I’ll put up pics-I’m. So. Excited.

But here’s the stash of items on sale now:




So so much 🙂 I’m so excited about all the new things headed our way this year.  On the docket for new and exciting adventures we’re also doing CLASSES and PARTIES. I’m so thrilled and I’ll do individual posts on those later 🙂

We’re pretty much already onto Valentines/St Pattys and Easter here in our office. Here are some of the new arrivals and you can also check out the section of our shop.

aqua with pink dots foe

light pink with pink dots foe

lilac lipstick foe

mint with pink dots foe

pink lipstick foe

We also got a bunch of fun flowers for St Pattys!

Spiked Chiffon

spiked chiffon flower

Cluster Beaded in Kelly

beaded chiffon

Eyelet Chiffon Flower

eyelet chiffon flowers1

I’ll be back tomorrow with some other fun announcements, talk to ya then!



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