Out with the Old & In with the New! :0) A New Years Tale!

Anna Mack here, hoping y’all had a totes amazing holiday season. We had a super tasty time with my hubby cooking Beef Wellington for the first time.  Never had it-totally loved it.  I’m stoked about his cooking abilities, to say the least. I’m feeling fat and happy today-yay resolutions! Every year we start up a huge discontinued/overstock sale right after Christmas so we can “out with the old and in with the new!”.  We’ve got a whole section JUST for this on the website.  There are so many amazing things we plan to carry this year but we need to make room, our little office can’t grow any more full, so some things are going to be discontinued. Most are items we’ve carried for a year or longer and we just want to start fresh.  I’ll affectionately call it the “HOLLA for a DOLLA SALE” because nearly everything is a dollar max, many flowers and buttons and trims are even less than that. The sale will go on until we run out. When we run out the item will be deleted from the website, never to be seen again (probably). Get stoked about all the amazing things coming our way including:

  • Shabby Bunny Trim
  • Easter Reversible FOE
  • Fourth of July Reversible FOE
  • Easter Sliders
  • New Button Shapes
  • New Trim Patterns
  • Easter Shabby Flowers
  • Beaded Rhinestone Bridal/Fancy Appliques
  • Studded FOE
  • More Punk Rock-Yah!

Now here’s the list of what’s GOING, and the sale section includes all of these items super super SUPER discounted.

  • Tons of Shabby Trims by the Yard for a DOLLAR
  • Opal Ballerina Flowers
  • Zebra Gold Tulle Fowers
  • Shabby Shredded Lace Collections
  • Small Felt Flowers
  • Beaded Silk Flowers
  • Vintage Roses
  • Polka Dot Silk and Organza Fluffs
  • Silk Organza Sequined Flowers
  • Lace Supply Flowers
  • Angular Flowers
  • Super Mini Zebra Patterned Flowers
  • Medium Layered Flowers
  • Patterned Daisies
  • Mini Resin Bows
  • Teddybear Appliques
  • Scotty Dog Appliques
  • Mini Mouse Appliques (Still carrying the big ones though!)
  • Large Resin Bows
  • Glitter Leaves
  • Animal Print Buttons
  • Crackle Buttons
  • Teardrop Buttons
  • Crinkle Fluff Flowers
  • Water Lilies
  • Spider Appliques
  • Bat Appliques
  • Rolls of Sparkle FOE
  • Star Trim by the Yard
  • Retro Flowers FOE
  • Retro Hearts FOE
  • Halloween Chevron FOE
  • Argyle FOE
  • Polka Dot Glitter
  • Striped Glitter

OMG y’all that’s a huge list! Most of those items I love but they had their day 🙂 Time to bring in some fresh new supplies.  Typically we’re super busy when we do this sale so please be a little patient with us if your order takes more than one or two days to process.  We’re super caught up as Christmas week is very slow from a supplies perspective.   We love you all and have an amazing new year!!!!


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