Sunny Day Update!!

Hey folks!! Lisa Loodles here to give you the latest and greatest Fleuriste goodies! Hope your Wednesday is going great! I am SO happy to see the sun shining today, and feeling like it’s a little warmer out. We’ve had a CRAZY cold snap over the past week with temperatures hardly getting in the teens! Brrrrrrrrr!  

           So we’ve got some great new products to announce today!! Here’s what we JUST got in: APPLIQUES!!!! Lots of ’em!! Sequined Padded Shamrock Appliques (NEW!!), Glitter Padded Shamrock Appliques (NEW!), Padded Crown Appliques, Sequined Star Appliques, Padded Sequined Bow Appliques, and Padded Star Appliques!!! Just look at the pics below of the new Shamrock Appliques, they are so cute and come in some unique colors!!! We love them and can’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day!


And speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, we just created a new page on our website for all the Spring holidays- Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s, and Easter!!

We also restocked quite a few of our Shabby Rose Trims: Palest Violet, White, Red, Ivory, Black, Royal, and Sunny! AAAAAAAND…. we are thrilled to announce that we restocked a color that we haven’t had in a while! MINT!! Yes, mint is back!! Also, we have a NEW color!! Caramel!! 




Mint!! (We missed you, mint rose trim!!)

We’ve also got some new colors in our classic solid foldover!!  Cornflower, Light Navy, Oyster Shell, Coral Rose, Aqua Green, and Seafoam!!


Light Navy!!



Aqua Green!


Purdy Coral Rose!!

   And FINALLY….. in a LIMITED EDITION………. Rhinestone Studded foldover elastic in Light Jade!!! Our white Rhinestone elastic sold out very quickly… so we will be introducing more colors in the future!! This one is really pretty, and you can find it here!!Image

LOVER-LY!! We are so psyched to have this!! It matches a TON of our other elastics, flowers, buttons and appliques!! We hope you enjoy!!


WHEW!!! That’s a whole lotta cute new stuff! 

That’s all from me for now… wishing everyone a great rest of the week! Talk to y’all later!! Loodles OUT!







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